Annual Meeting 2018

30 January 2018

On January 30th 2018, the section met at the AG der Dillinger Hüttenwerke, Dillingen. We could welcome 16 members and 11 guests. Mr. Christoph Kringe, the Vice-Chair, was guiding the meeting.  Markus-F. Hagen, the former Chair gave a short summary about the reasons why the ASNT German Section was established and how it is structured and directed. Dr. Achim Jung introduced the ASNT Member Recruitment Campaign „Dig deep, fly high!“.

Three presentations followed:

  • ASME Code Edition 2017 by Christoph Kringe
  • Report on ASNT Annual Conference 2017 in Nashville by Markus-F. Hagen and Dr. Achim Jung
  • ACCP „Bolt-On-Exams” by Dr. Achim Jung

Finally, two new members of the BOD where elected: Heike Walter and Tyler D. Hartman.

The Annual Section Meeting 2019 will be on Tuesday 01/29/2019 at 10:00 am at the company GMA Werkstoffprüfung, Im Teelbruch 118, 45219 Essen, Germany.