Fellow of ASNT

A Fellow of ASNT is an individual member of the Society who is of outstanding professional distinction and who has made continued significant contributions to the advancement of NDE/NDT.

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Nominees shall have demonstrated support for the Society through contributions and participation at the local and/or national level. Nominees shall have at least 15 years of professional NDT-related experience and have been members of ASNT for no fewer than 10 years. Membership shall not have been interrupted more than two (2) times with a total interruption time not to exceed two (2) years.

All of the time qualifications shall be met as of the nomination due date.


Nominees applying for the Fellow Award shall submit the following materials:

  • A resume of the candidate’s activities and letter of support.

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The Fellow Evaluation Checklist shall be used to evaluate and select the recipients. CLICK HERE to download Fellow Evaluation Checklist.

  • The checklist establishes 2 major categories for consideration: significant contributions to the Society and significant accomplishments in the field of NDT.
  • Applicants must have no fewer than ten (10) points in either category.
  • Applicants shall have a minimum total of thirty (30) points.

Up to fifteen (15) recipients are selected each year, based on this point system described above.

Award Timeline


For any questions regarding the award process or timeline, please contact ASNT’s Program Specialist at awards@asnt.org.

Form of Award

Pin & Framed Certificate