Welcome to ASNT Communities

The wait is over! We’re proud to be rolling out the ASNT Communities site to provide the opportunity for NDT professionals all over the world to work together, share knowledge, and build their networks in one online space.

You can think of it as a social media site geared specifically towards those in the nondestructive testing industry. Share your thoughts and interact, learn from others, get involved with the society!

About ASNT Communities

The ASNT Community will be divided into three sections to serve different purposes:

ASNT Society is where the business of the society will be conducted. This area will house groups, forums, files, and more for committee members to take care of their committee’s business. Certain areas will require certain credentials to access. Committee membership may be required to download files, make posts, comment, etc.

ASNT Connect is where you can go to talk with other conference attendees, find your local section, and generally be social with those just like you. 

NDT Pro is where you’ll go to get the answers to your technical questions, float ideas about new practices or research, and find the expertise and resources to keep your skills sharp. 

The site can be accessed by simply logging into your MyASNT account. From there, you can click into the ASNT Community and get started!

Getting Started

When you log in to ASNT Communities for the first time, the ASNT database will communicate with the site to connect you with the committees in which you are a member. You will be able to go into these areas to make posts, upload or download files, and post comments and ideas.

Your profile will contain some basic information that was in your My ASNT account. We encourage you to fill out your profile so those on the site can get to know you a little better!


We've put together some video tutorials that explain and demonstrate some of the basic features of ASNT Communities. You can watch them on the ASNT YouTube Channel.

ASNT Community was created to meet your needs.

In response to the demand for easier communication, a central location for important society business, and ways to do business in a universally digital world, ASNT worked with several vendors to build ASNT Communities. The site was created with input from ASNT members with varying roles, involvement, and interests. This input has resulted in an online platform that serves to connect the NDT industry and build the NDT profession.

Pardon the dust-- we’re still building!

ASNT Community is currently open so that we can begin getting user feedback and sharpening the design and functionality to be a real powerhouse product. Please stay tuned for more news and updates!