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ASNT Strategic Plan: Goal 2

Create a growth strategy for ASNT membership.

1. Increase the level of member engagement and satisfaction.

Reach out to high school educators and students to increase awareness of NDT and its related professions.
  1. Distribute educational demonstration kits.
Reach out to Level I and Level II technicians.
  1. Provide access to an online knowledge database of technical papers, references, standards, and other resources.
  2. Increase the amount of Level II content in our publications.
Reach out to engineers and researchers.
  1. Offer more engineering-based NDT content.
Identify and segment current membership in order to develop programs that are in line with their needs.
  1. Expand member benefit options and incentives and retain a greater percentage of existing members
Offer multiple and varied venues for engagement.
Explore and support opportunities that allow members to interact and build relationships with other professionals in related fields.
Create programs to encourage members to nurture their fellow professionals as they progress through various stages of their career; establish program resources such as a fully developed career site; take the lead in establishing NDT educational programs; and help NDT leaders build impactful mentoring programs.
Provide proactive customer service and solicit feedback.
Increase recognition of core volunteers and recognize more members for their contributions.

2. Improve data capturing.

Increase data integrity to improve member recruitment and retention.
Get access to database and employment opportunities.

3. Develop and customize programs based on member needs and requests.

Strive to make every member experience positive and memorable.
Be responsive to generational preferences.
Study the current member dues model and ascertain its relevance.
Increase affinity partnerships that bring tangible discounts and benefit to our members.
Increase the ease of access to ASNT certification exams.

4. Develop meaningful partnerships with industries, governments, professional organizations, and educational institutions.

Create or revise partnership programs with a level of participation and awareness that appeals to the highest levels within organizations.
Reevaluate the benefits of ASNT’s Corporate Partner program, including increased exposure to industry leaders and decision makers, establishing more networking opportunities, assessing advertising discounts, and potentially increasing delegate numbers.
Create industry-specific global networks to enhance the reach and effectiveness of members in those industries.
Explore reciprocal memberships with other societies and organizations.

As an organization, the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) is committed to carrying out its mission to create a safer world by advancing scientific, engineering, and technical knowledge in the field of nondestructive testing.

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