ACCP Professional Level III Program Recertification

ACCP renewal by points without re-examination is permitted at the first 5-year interval after initial certification (or recertification) by examination. Renewal by examination is required 10-years after examination unless otherwise noted below. Renewal by examination may be done in lieu of renewal by points.

For renewal of your current ACCP Professional Level III certifications at the 5-year interval you will use the 25-point renewal system that is shown in the ASNT NDT Program Renewal Requirements document. The ACCP Level III renewal by points application is at ACCP Level III 5-Year Renewal Application (pdf).

Renewal by examination at the 10-year interval will require successful completion of an abbreviated written examination as detailed in the ASNT NDT Program Renewal Requirements document. The ACCP Level III renewal by examination application is at ACCP Level III 10-Year Recertification by Examination Application (pdf).

If you initially received ACCP certification based on holding third-party NDT certification (CGSB, JSNDI, EN-473, etc) from another approved certification body, submit Renewal Application for 3rd-Party Certificate Holders (pdf).

See Also

  • Recertification Points Transcript  Go to My ASNT and see your personal transcript for recertification points received through ASNT educational programs and other ASNT programs.  In addition, record external points received outside of ASNT programs to help you track the points you have accumulate toward you ASNT certification or other certificates that you may hold.
  •  Meeting Attendance Form This form (pdf) can be used to document attendance at local Section technical meetings that earn recertification points. To count for points, the topic must be technical in nature and NDT related.
  • Recertification Credits Through Publication Activities