NDT Level III Personnel Qualification Certification for MT - Magnetic Particle Testing Outline

About Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

Magnetic Particle Testing uses one or more magnetic fields to locate surface and near-surface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials.  The magnetic field can be applied with a permanent magnet or an electromagnet.  When using an electromagnet, the field is present only when the current is being applied.  When the magnetic field encounters a discontinuity transverse to the direction of the magnetic field, the flux lines produce a magnetic flux leakage field of their own.

Topical Outline

This examination is 2 hours in length, having 90 questions of equal value.

  1. Principles/Theory
  2. Principles of magnets and magnetic fields
  3. Characteristics of magnetic fields
  4. Equipment/Materials
  5. Magnetic particle test equipment
  6. Inspection materials
  7. Technique/Calibrations
  8. Magnetization by means if electric current
  9. Selecting the proper method of magnetization
  10. Demagnetization
  11. Interpretation/Evaluation
  12. Procedures
  13. Safety and Health


The number in parentheses following each reference is the ASNT catalog number.

Refresher Course

ASNT offers an MT Refresher Course based on the above topical outline.