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Acoustic Emission Testing Examinations

Topical Outline

This examination is 4 hrs in length, having 135 questions of equal value.

  1. Instrumentation and Signal processing
  2. Cables
  3. Signal conditioning
  4. Signal detection
  5. Signal processing
  6. Source Location techniques
  7. Acoustic emission test systems
  8. Accessory techniques
  9. Advanced signal processing techniques
  10. Acoustic Emission Test Techniques
  11. Factors affecting test equipment selection
  12. Equipment calibration and setup for test
  13. Loading procedures
  14. Special test procedures
  15. Data display
  16. Noise sources and pre-test identification techniques
  17. Precautions against noise
  18. Data interpretation
  19. Data evaluation
  20. Reports
  21. Codes, Standards, Procedures, and Societies
  22. Guide-type standards (glossaries, calibration, etc.)
  23. Standardized/codified AE test procedures
  24. User-developed test procedures
  25. Societies active in AE
  26. Applications of Acoustic Emission Testing


The number in parentheses following each reference is the ASNT catalog number.