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Magnetic Particle Testing Examinations

About Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

Magnetic Particle Testing uses one or more magnetic fields to locate surface and near-surface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials. The magnetic field can be applied with a permanent magnet or an electromagnet. When using an electromagnet, the field is present only when the current is being applied. When the magnetic field encounters a discontinuity transverse to the direction of the magnetic field, the flux lines produce a magnetic flux leakage field of their own.

Topical Outline

This examination is 2 hrs in length, having 90 questions of equal value.

  1. Principles/Theory
  2. Principles of magnets and magnetic fields
  3. Characteristics of magnetic fields
  4. Equipment/Materials
  5. Magnetic particle test equipment
  6. Inspection materials
  7. Technique/Calibrations
  8. Magnetization by means if electric current
  9. Selecting the proper method of magnetization
  10. Demagnetization
  11. Interpretation/Evaluation
  12. Procedures
  13. Safety and Health


The number in parentheses following each reference is the ASNT catalog number.