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Radiographic Testing Examinations

About Radiographic Testing (RT)

Industrial radiography involves exposing a test object to penetrating radiation so that the radiation passes through the object being inspected and a recording medium placed against the opposite side of that object. For thinner or less dense materials such as aluminum, electrically generated x-radiation (X-rays) are commonly used, and for thicker or denser materials, gamma radiation is generally used.

Topical Outline

This examination is 4 hrs in length, having 135 questions of equal value.

  1. Principles and Theory
  2. Equipment/Materials
  3. Electrically generated sources
  4. Particulate radiation sources
  5. Radiation detectors
  6. Techniques/Calibration
  7. Imaging considerations
  8. Film processing
  9. Viewing of radiographs
  10. Judging radiographic quality
  11. Exposure calculations
  12. Radiographic techniques
  13. Interpretation and Evaluation
  14. Procedures
  15. Safety and Health
  16. Exposure hazards
  17. Methods of controlling radiation exposure
  18. Operational and emergency procedures
  19. Dosimetry and Film Badges


The number in parentheses following each reference is the ASNT catalog number.