Recertification for ASNT NDT Level II Program

The period of certificate validity for all ASNT NDT Level II certificates is 60 months from the date of issue, with certification ending on the last day of the expiration month shown on the wallet card and certificate. ASNT NDT Level II personnel may renew in two ways, by points (without re-examination) or by re-examination. Details of these processes are shown below.

To recertify by application ("Points") a certificate holder:

  • Must submit the appropriate ASNT Renewal application and fees;
  • Must reaffirm the ASNT Level II Code of Ethics;
  • Shall affirm continued active employment in Level II functions as related to the NDT Method(s) for which renewal is sought as noted below:
    • Such employment must have covered at least 36 months during the current valid Certification period but not necessarily 36 consecutive months. There shall be no break greater than 12 consecutive months.
    • At least 12 of the 24 months immediately preceding the expiration of the Certification must have been spent in Level II functions.
  • Documentation of continued NDT involvement during the current five-year period of certification by submitting a minimum of 12 points in one or more of the activities listed in Table 1.

Personnel wishing to recertify by examination must fill out a new ASNT NDT Level II examination application in the same manner as was done for initial certification. The new expiration date for personnel that recertify by examination within 6 months of their current expiration date will be 5 years from their current expiration date. Personnel that recertify by examination more than 6 months prior to their current expiration date will receive new expiration dates 5 years from their date of successful re-examination.

See Also

  • Recertification Points Transcript  Go to My ASNT and see your personal transcript for recertification points received through ASNT educational programs and other ASNT programs.  In addition, record external points received outside of ASNT programs to help you track the points you have accumulate toward you ASNT certification or other certificates that you may hold.
  •  Meeting Attendance Form This form (pdf) can be used to document attendance at local Section technical meetings that earn recertification points. To count for points, the topic must be technical in nature and NDT related.