IRRSP Program Recertification

IRRSP recertification is by re-examination only. The application for renewal of ASNT IRRSP Certification is the same application as is used for initial certification and the same ASNT examinations must be taken. Application for the Exams (pdf).

In addition, a new Practical examination is also required, using the same form as the initial examination. However, in lieu of the initial training requirements, the following requirements apply: 40 hours of training within 12 months prior to recertification, or at least eight hours of annual classroom refresher training by an institution recognized or accredited by ASNT. Such training must cover basic radiation safety principles, as well as the equipment operating and emergency procedures for radiation-producing equipment for which renewal is sought. See the Program Document for further clarification.

See Also

  • Recertification Points Transcript  Go to My ASNT and see your personal transcript for recertification points received through ASNT educational programs and other ASNT programs.  In addition, record external points received outside of ASNT programs to help you track the points you have accumulate toward you ASNT certification or other certificates that you may hold.
  •  Meeting Attendance Form This form (pdf) can be used to document attendance at local Section technical meetings that earn recertification points. To count for points, the topic must be technical in nature and NDT related.