What's in a Name

Who to Contact with Certification Questions

Call (800) 222-2768 from the US or Canada or (614) 274-6003 and ask for or dial the extension listed. Or click on the name to send an email.


ASNT Level III Exams (USA)
Lisa Law X226

ASNT Level III Exams (International)
Tricia Davis X219

ASNT Level III Recertification (USA)
Jennifer Harris X237

ASNT Level III Recertification (International)
Lisa Law X226

ASNT NDT Level II Certification
Jennifer Harris X237

ACCP Inquiries
Charles Longo X241

ACCP Exams/Recertification
Jennifer Harris X237

ACCP/CWI Certification/Recertification
Jennifer Harris X237

IRRSP (Radiation Safety) Exams
Jennifer Harris X237

ASNT Level III Refresher Courses
Alicia LeMasters X213

ASNT CEU Program
Jennifer Sullivan-Golubich X299