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Session 1

  ISIW 2017 Program

  ISS & Orion Inspection Capabilities and Challenges

  Soyuz Inspection

Session 2

  Modeling of the Orbital Debris Environment Risks in the Past, Present, and Future

  On-Orbit Detection of Spacecraft Charging Effects

Session 3

  Accomodating Technology Demonstration on ISS

Session 3a

  Shuttle Columbia Lessons Learned

  On-Orbit Inspection of EVA Hardware

  ISS Leak Detection and Repair

  Inflatable Habitat Inspection Needs

  GE Inspection Technologies: Range of CT Technologies and Applications

Session 3b

  3D from the Tango

  High Precision Industrial 3D Metrology Technology for Aerospace Applications

  Automated Remote Inspections Using Spacial Phase Imaging

  Merging Raman Spectral & 3D Imaging LIDAR for In-Space Inspection

Session 3c

  RELL (Robotic External Leak Locator) and On-orbit Baseline and Validation Test

  Development of the Space Debris Sensor

  Orion External Camera System for EM-1/EM-2 Missions

  Networked System for Inspection and Situational Awareness

Session 4a

  EHDC (External High Definition Camera) Capability

  Solar Array Mast Imagery Discussion for ISIW

  Dextre Deployable Vision System(DDVS)

  VIPIR-2 and RAVEN On-orbit Tests for Spacecraft Servicing

Session 4b

  Free-Flying Satellite Inspector

  The Evolution of Nano Satellite Proximity Operations

  Astrobee/SPHERES Experiment Platform on ISS

Session 4c

  Real-Time 3D Microwave Camera

  InSpace NDE for Screening

  InSpace NDE for Screening (2)

  Defect Detection by way of Dual Tuned Resonant Sensor

  Differential Tetrahertz Imaging

Session 5a

  Propulsion System Inspection and Monitoring Needs

  ISS Internal Maintenance and its Needs

  JSC Mission Planning

Session 5b

  Inspection Guidance with Visual Object Detection Support

  Extended Kalman Filtering for Localization and Mapping Applications

  Remote Sensing and Verification

Session 6a

  “NanoRacks ISS Facilities”

  NanoRacks Airlock Overview

  NanoRacks QUAD-M Rideshare Overview

  ISIW Orion Secondary Payload Overview

Session 6b

  Railroad Track Inspection: The Need for Speed

  Finding a Product-Application Fit for Inspection and SHM Technology

  Navy Ship and Sub NDT&E Needs

Session 6c

  Internal Radio-frequency Instrumentation System (IRIS) Overview

  Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) Monitoring System

  SHM as an Enabler for Future AF Space Assets

Session 7a

  Videoscopes Technology – Approaching physics limited resolution and operations; what next?

  Advancements in True3D Surface Scanning & Analysis

  Controllable Snake Inspectors and Applications

Session 7b

  Compton Imaging Tomography for NDT of Spacecraft Thermal Protection Structures

  120kV Hand-Held Backscatter X-Ray Imager

  Versatile Detector for Scanning Beam X-Ray Inspection

  Flexible Digital X-ray Development

Session 7c

  Propellant Tank Quantity in Zero-G from Modal Analysis from Piezo-Patch Sensors

  SHM for Long Duration Spaceflight Habitats

  Expandable sensor networks for Structural Health Monitoring

Session 8a

  Contact Point Corrosion on Carbon Steel

  Field-portable electron microscopy in space

  Thermography Modeling and Information Integration

Session 8b

  Measurement of the Modulation Transfer Function for Backscatter Radiography System Used in Nondestructive Examination

  Unusual Radiographic Techniques From Los Alamos

  Reflection, Transmission, Absorption, and Scattering at Submillineter Wavelengths from Random Rough Surfaces

Session 8c

  Automated Interpretation of In-space NDT Data of Carbon Composite Damage

  Enhanced Attribution of Spacecraft Malfunctions

  Generation Phased Array Ultrasound: Advancements in Total Focusing Method and Full Matrix Capture Techniques

Session 9a

  Penetrating Imager Technologies

  Iowa State University Center for Non Destructive Evaluation

  Integrity Assessment of Difficult to Inspect Pipelines Evaluating Select Areas Using High Resolution NDE

Session 9b

  Multi-Spectral Measurements for Detection, Location & Evaluation of Impacts:

  Chemical Sensing Array Platform for Continuous and Autonomous Event Monitoring

  MMOD Hypervelocity Impact Test & Piggyback Sensing

  Hypervelocity Impact Testing at NASA’s WSTF

Session 9c

  Self-Healing Polymers and Composites

  In-Space Manufacturing and Verification

  How to Create a 3D Model from Scanned Data in 5 Easy Steps

  Insitu Repair of TPS

Session 10a

  Systems for COPV Quality Assurance and MMOD Impacts

  Damage Detection in Composite Materials and Quantitative Structural Integrity Assessment

  Acousto-Ultrasonics Based NDE Technique for mpact Damage Severity in Composite Materials

Session 10b

  EPM Grippers, DogTags, and LISA Arms for In-Space Inspection and Servicing

  Thin - Cable-like Robots for Inspection

  Gecko Inspired Adhesives for Robotic Space Applications

Session 11

  Bridging the Gap Between the Aerospace and Petro-Chemical Industries