ASNT Elections: President

The duties of the President of ASNT are:

  • Presides at all Operations Committee meetings.
  • Schedules ASNT Operations Committee Meetings, and approves the agenda for distribution.
  • Appoints the Chairman and members of all committees that report to the Operations Committee.
  • Responsible to work with the Executive Director in achieving the goals of the Society and the programs approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Presides at Board meetings if Chairperson of the Board is not present.
The President is a member of the Executive Committee and Operations Committee and an ex-officio member of designated Board Committees.

The term for the ASNT President is one year.

Nominee for ASNT President 

Roger Engelbart

Nominated for president, Roger Engelbart began his 40-year nondestructive testing (NDT) career as a radiographic technician in aerospace. He holds a B.S. in metallurgical engineering and an M.S. in materials science. Engelbart is an associate technical fellow in Boeing Research and Technology, focusing on the development of inspection techniques for aircraft advanced materials and structures. He holds U.S. and international patents in NDT technology. He is responsible for technology transfer and research programs with Boeing’s international customers. He has worked in numerous countries, providing him the opportunity to communicate with foreign users of ASNT certifications and services while learning about the shared interests between ASNT and other NDT societies. Engelbart has been an ASNT member for 29 years, holds ASNT NDT Level III certifications in five methods, and was selected as an ASNT Fellow in 1989. He has served as a board member, committee chair, secretary, vice chair and chair of the St. Louis Section. In 2005, working with a member group, he successfully helped to revitalize the Section. He currently serves as Section secretary/treasurer. Nationally, Engelbart completed a three-year term on the Board, has served as secretary/treasurer and currently serves as ASNT’s vice president. He has been appointed to the Governance, Audit, Fellow Award, Lester/Mehl Honor Lecture, Business & Finance and Mentoring Award committees. He is active in the Section Operations Council and the Technical and Education Council, and he has served as the Research Council secretary. He has chaired numerous conference technical sessions and serves as program chair for the St. Louis-hosted aerospace topical. Engelbart sees open sharing of policies and Society direction as one of ASNT’s greatest assets. He is currently an e-Mentor and believes that the Society has been very creative in developing programs to reach out to young people to educate them about the field of NDT. Society leaders should also seek to encourage and develop promising volunteers for national involvement. Engelbart feels ASNT should be an advocate for the integration of newly trained inspectors into the workforce. 

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