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Local Sections

ASNT local sections provide an organizational structure that serve members of a defined geographical area, where members typically share a common knowledge of local and regional issues and needs that affect the NDT field.

ASNT sections create opportunities for individual and corporate partner members to share information, exchange ideas, explore new technology, attend educational and social events and pursue new business.

With dozens of ASNT sections chartered in almost fifteen countries, which average a total of ten ASNT meetings a week, there are plenty of occasions to engage.

Section News

Section Speakers Directory

Section Meetings and Contacts
Meeting information for ASNT's local Sections is listed alphabetically by state. Depending on the function planned for the month, the location may change. If you are planning to attend a Section meeting, call in advance to confirm the meeting day, time and location.

Regional Directors and Sections by Region
Contact information for regional directors, with lists of Sections included in each region.

Local Section Websites
Links to the Web sites and Web pages of ASNT local Sections.

Local Section Leaders

Local Sections are important to the wellbeing and future of the Society. Below are tools to assist Sections in the organization and operations of day-to-day activities.

President's Award Program
PDF forms of the President's Award Program for submission to headquarters throughout the competition.

President's Award Standings Report
Quarterly results among local Sections in the competition.

Section Leadership Manual
Microsoft Word and PDF versions for download.