Powered By You: ASNT Membership Drive

This year, ASNT's Powered By You campaign asks for your help in bringing new members to the ASNT community through recruiting members and offering referrals.

Our members are the pulse and the lifeblood of the Society. They are our subject matter experts, authors, editors, exam writers, instructors, and technicians. Without them, we would be unable to provide the richness of content and depth of resources available to the NDT community. That is why this is such an important program and why, as a member, you're the perfect person to help.

By participating in Powered By You, you play a significant role in ASNT’s growth and direction. New members enrich your business network and your section with people who add value through their experience, energy, technical expertise, and industry affiliations. Recruiting and referring members today ensures a stronger, more relevant ASNT tomorrow.

ASNT is Powered By You!

Get involved and propel ASNT's membership forward!