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May 2024

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NDE's Use in Preserving the Eiffel Tower.

How NDE 4.0 Can Be Used to Preserve the Eiffel Tower

The responsibility of maintaining the Eiffel Tower’s structural integrity and aesthetic beauty involves a continuous struggle against natural and anthropogenic challenges. The tower’s exposure to natural elements and urban pollution necessitates more than just periodic refurbishment. Over the years, the challenge has been not only to maintain but to anticipate and preempt deterioration. This has sparked interest in leveraging emerging technologies to enhance the scope of inspection and maintenance endeavors. [read: 5 min]

Explore Diverse Career Paths in NDT

Exploring Diverse Career Paths in Nondestructive Testing

Nondestructive testing (NDT) plays a pivotal role across various industries by ensuring the safety, integrity, and reliability of critical infrastructure and components. In fact, it’s hard to think of an industry that NDT doesn’t touch in some way! As technology advances and the built world ages, the demand for skilled professionals in NDT will continue to grow. This article delves into a few of the many career paths one can embark upon in NDT that cross a spectrum of vertical industries and horizontal sectors. [read: 10 min]

Leak Testing Quick Reference Method Card

Quick Reference

The new Quick Reference Method Card: Leak Testing is available now from ASNT. This card lists commonly used formulas and general inspection data for the Leak Testing (LT) nondestructive testing method, drawing from ASNT’s collection of publications. It’s the newest addition to our popular line of Quick Reference Method Cards, which help both the novice and experienced inspector by providing readily available, easily understood examples of testing techniques and sample calculations. These reference cards can also be used as study aids for educational purposes.  

Register for the ASNT webinar on microwave inspection.

ASNT Webinar 

on Microwave Inspection

Register for the 29 May webinar exploring microwave inspection as a viable substitute for UT in situations where UT is impractical or challenging. The session delves into the efficacy and applicability of microwave inspection techniques, offering insights into its advantages and limitations. View all of ASNT's upcoming webinars.

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Free Webinar: Navigating Conflict and Collaboration in a Lab Setting

Working in a research lab can be both exhilarating and challenging. Led by Dr. Jennifer Swann, this webinar on Wednesday, 29 May at 3:00 p.m. (ET) offers practical strategies and effective communication techniques to navigate conflicts, maintain professionalism, and foster a collaborative environment in STEM. Register free using code LAB529.


Quality Wordplay

A Word on Quality is a word-guessing game from Quality Magazine that gives players a limited number of attempts to decode a hidden word. Come back every Friday for the new word!


Quick Ones - Bolt Crack TFM

In this video, Paul Holloway uses the total focusing method (TFM) to inspect a real flawed specimen—an aircraft bolt with a crack in it—and see how the indication appears.

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Volunteers are the fuel that powers ASNT. ASNT offers a variety of ways to get involved, from short-term volunteer projects to committee, council, and board service. Every new volunteer brings fresh energy and expertise to help ASNT better serve members and the NDT industry.

Attend the ASNT Research Symposium.

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Immerse yourself in the latest innovations and breakthroughs at the premier forum for nondestructive evaluation (NDE). This symposium is not just a platform for the exchange of advances, but also a spotlight on cutting-edge research and the brilliant minds of the students who represent the future of the NDE field. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be at the forefront of NDE technology and knowledge.

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