Mentoring Award

Award Information


To recognize people in the Society working to encourage others to reach goals they may have otherwise not sought and to offer the rest of the membership and example of what they could be accomplishing by acting as mentors.


  • Must be an ASNT member
  • Must have a minimum of 5 years in NDT
  • Must have made an outstanding contribution as a mentor. These contributions can be through a variety of channels or types of mentoring activities. Mentoring can be a one to one experience or an individual can mentor a group. Eligibility for the Award acknowledges the types of mentoring relationships that are named relative to the following categories:
    • Individual – Assisting one or more individuals to reach goals in the NDT industry that they may have not otherwise attained.
    • Group – Providing positive guidance to a group such that a goal of significant value to ASNT or to the NDT Industry is achieved by that group.
    • Indirect – Providing mentoring opportunities for others by creating an environment that fosters and encourages such relationships with positive outcome.

Method of Selection

The Section Operations Council Awards Division selects up to five awards each year, provided all nominees have met the established guidelines.

Form of Award

Citation – Acrylic Award

Materials Submitted

Nomination Letter (see below)

Award Timeline

  • Nomination deadline: 1st of February
  • The Section Operations Council Award Division will provide its recommendation to the ASNT Board of Directors during ASNT’s Research Symposium
  • Recipients will be notified following the Research Symposium
  • Awards will be presented at ASNT’s Annual Conference


Nominations for the Mentoring Award shall contain:

  • A letter of nomination, including the nominee’s name, address and employer information. The letter should give the specifics to the individual’s contributions as a mentor. The letter should not exceed 350 words. Nominator’s contact information must also be included

Current Award Recipient(s)

  • Tsuchin Philip Chu
    Tsuchin Philip Chu
  • Donald Cosgrove
    Donald Cosgrove
  • Anthony Gatti
    Anthony Gatti
  • George Hopman
    George Hopman
  • Shant Kenderian
    Shant Kenderian
  • Deal Moore
    Deal Moore
  • Joseph Rose
    Joseph Rose

Past Award Recipients

Download: Past Mentoring Award Recipients

HQ Contact

For additional award information, please contact:

Heather Cowles
Senior Manager, Member Relations and Services
ASNT, Inc.
1711 Arlingate Lane
PO Box 28518
Columbus, OH 43228
Phone: 614-274-6003 Ext. 216
Fax: 614-274-6899