ASNT Fellowship Award

The ASNT Fellowship Award is a cash award, currently up to $20,000 per award, granted to an ABET-accredited educational institution to fund specific research in NDT at the postgraduate level (MS or PhD).

Award Information


To fund research activity in nondestructive testing (NDT) at the graduate level, either master’s or doctoral.


ABET accredited academic institutions with graduate educational research programs are eligible.  Faculty Advisor must meet the requirement for directing the student’s graduate degree program as required by the nominating university.   No more than one proposal per faculty member will be considered annually.  

Student must meet the requirement for the degree program described in the proposal as required by the nominating university.  The fund shall be used as described in the proposal submitted as part of the application documentation.  The intent is to support the students in the conduct of their studies or research need towards attaining a graduate level degree.


The application should be in the form of a proposal for a graduate level research project from the university outlining what the program or graduate study activity will consist of and how long they will manage the fellowship.

All Fellowship proposals should be formatted as follows:

Length: The proposal, with all support materials, should not exceed twenty one-sided sheets.

Title Page: Should list the title, the school name, the faculty member submitting the proposal, the name of the potential student recipient (required), mailing address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address. It shall specify the anticipated starting date, estimated date of completion and to who the funds are to be disbursed.

Abstract: A brief executive summary of the nature and scope of the research to be performed.

Research Proposal: This should contain a detailed description of the graduate research project indicating the objectives, planned approach, the expected results.

Program of Study: This should provide a brief description of the actual or typical program of study of the potential student recipient. A brief catalog description of the indicated courses would be helpful.

Research Facilities: Should include a description of the research facilities equipment and other appropriate resources available for use on this project.

Budget: Should indicate the resources dedicated to this project. The proposed use of ASNT Fellowship funds should be indicated explicitly. None of the ASNT Fellowship Award funds can be used for overhead or indirect institution expenses.

Research Advisor: Background information on the faculty advisor of the student recipient must be included. In addition, please complete ASNT’s Biographical Data Form for this information (download form)

Recipient Only: Background information on the graduate student is required.

*The proposal must be signed by the faculty member and by an official authorized to commit the institution in business affairs.

All nominations MUST be submitted online.

Method of Selection

The Financial Awards Committee selects up to five $20,000 awards each year, pending merit and number of submissions.

Evaluation Criteria:

A critical review will be made of all proposals by the committee, using the information guidelines or other appropriate criteria as bases, agreed by the committee members based on their experiences and the contents and quality of the submitted proposals:
  • How novel is the research
  • Value of potential contribution
  • Soundness of technical approach
  • Scope of the proposed research effort
  • Potential for successful completion
  • Adequacy of the proposal team
  • Adequacy of the facilities
*See recommended format for proposals below.

Award Timeline

  • Announcements are made in the: September Issue of Materials Evaluation
  • Nomination deadline: 15 October
  • The University Programs Committee will provide its recommendation to the ASNT Board of Directors during ASNT’s Research Symposium
  • Recipients will be notified following the Research Symposium
  • Funding will begin in July. The grant funds shall be directed to the contracting office of the university or college department of the approved recipient for disbursal as described in the proposal.
  • Awards will be presented at ASNT’s Annual Conference – Financial support is not provided for attending the awards ceremony (support is only provided for presentation of student’s findings – see below).
  • A written report on the completed study or activity must be submitted to the staff of ASNT (please send to: Nat Moes, M.E. Editor, at: no later than twenty-four months after program initiation as indicated in the proposal. The report must be in a format suitable for publication in Materials Evaluation, ASNT’s archival technical journal.
  • The Fellowship student must present the findings at an ASNT Annual Conference following the completion of the research. ASNT will provide an airline ticket and hotel room for the conference, and will waive conference fees.

Form of Award

$20,000 in funding and Certificate in Walnut Frame

Current Award Recipient(s)

Kristen Donnell (Faculty Advisor)
Lesley Sneed (Faculty Advisor)
Ali Foudazi (Student)
Missouri University of Science & Technology
Topic: Active Microwave Thermography for Nondestructive Evaluation of FRP-Rehabilitated Concrete Structures

Kara Peters (Faculty Advisor)
William Stewart (Student)
North Carolina University
Topic: High-Density Fiber Bragg Grating Sensing Networks for NDE of Composite Materials

Mohammad Pour-Ghaz (Faculty Advisor)
Reza Rashetnia (Student)
North Carolina State University
Topic: Large-Area Electrical Resistance Tomography Based Sensing Skin for Reinforced Concrete Structures

Piervincenzo Rizzo (Faculty Advisor)
Amir Nasrollahi (Faculty Advisor)
University of Pittsburgh
Topic: Merging Guided Ultrasonic Waves and Electromechanical Impediance: A Novel NDT Paradigm

Oluwaseyi Balogun (Faculty Advisor)
Xiang Chen (Student)
Northwestern University
Topic: Nanoscale Nondestructive Metrology of Nanoelectronics using Picosecond Ultrasonic NearField Optical Microscopy

Past Award Recipients

Past Fellowship Award Recipients

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