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The President's Award is a recognition of a chartered section's involvement and contributions to ASNT.

The President's Award Program is based on point values assigned to various management or operation categories. The categories and point values are established by the SOC Awards Division and reflect section activities important to the section and the Society.

Regardless of the size of a section, points within each category are attainable. 


All chartered ASNT sections are eligible to participate in the President's Award Program. In order to be eligible, a section must complete the appropriate paperwork and tracking of activity to earn points.

A maximum of 14,750 points can be earned during the program year (July 1st – June 30th).

Program achievement levels are as follows:

Gold: 10,501 to 14,750 Points
Silver: 8,001 to 10,500 Points
Bronze: 5,500 to 8,000 Points

Materials Submitted

For the complete list of required forms and submission materials, please click here.

Past Award Recipients

President's Award Past Recipients

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