Awards Committee

Awards Committee Members

Roger Engelbart - Chair

Charles N. Sherlock Meritorious Service Subcommittee

The Charles N. Sherlock Meritorious Service Award Committee administers the Charles N. Sherlock Meritorious Service Award. This award provides recognition for an individual's outstanding voluntary service to the Society, through single or aggregate activities, though not necessarily in any single year.

The Committee’s task is to select up to one award each year (except in extreme extenuating circumstances and approved by the Awards Committee Chairman and the Board of Directors) to be granted to an Individual for his or her outstanding voluntary service to the Society, provided all candidates have met the established guidelines.

Charles N. Sherlock Meritorious Service Subcommittee Members

David Vigne - Chair
Claudia Kropas-Hughes
Marybeth Miceli
Raymond Morasse
Michael Ruddy
Todd Sellmer
Sharon Vukelich

Fellow Subcommittee

A qualified Fellow is an individual member of the Society who has 15 years NDT professional experience with 10 years ASNT membership and who has supported the Society through contributions and participation at the local and/or national level. A Fellow must have made significant contributions to the advancement of NDT in areas such as management, engineering, science, education, administration or planning. The Fellow Award Committee selects up to 15 Fellows each year.

Fellow Subcommittee Members

Raymond Morasse - Chair
Brenda Collins
Roger Engelbart
Morteza Jafari
Doron Kishoni
Michael McGloin
William Meade
Marybeth Miceli
David Savoy

Gold Medal Subcommittee

The Robert C. McMaster Gold Medal Award provides recognition to a person or a group based on their outstanding contribution, exceptional meritorious service, or significant advancement in any area of nondestructive testing and/or the Society. Selections for the award may be made on the basis of a single outstanding contribution or service, or for contributions or services over an extended period of time.

Gold Medal Subcommittee Members

Ricky Morgan - Chair
David Bajula
Tsuchin Chu
Robert Feole
Hussein Sadek
William Via, Jr

Honorary Member Subcommittee

Selecting from nominees who have demonstrated meritorious service in the technology of nondestructive testing for a minimum of 20 years, the Philip D. Johnson Honorary Member Award Committee identifies and recognizes this special individual each year. Nominations for Honorary Membership may be made by honorary members, members of the Philip D. Johnson Honorary Membership Award Committee, or at least 10 members of the Society distributed among at least three sections.

Honorary Member Subcommittee Members

John Stringer - Chair
Bruce Crouse
Nat Faransso
Joseph Mackin
Robert Potter
Kurt Steinhagen
William Via, Jr

Lester/Mehl Honor Subcommittee

Alternating between odd-numbered years (the Mehl Honor Lecture Award) and even-numbered years (the Lester Honor Lecture Award), recipients of this award are recognized for their contributions to the science of nondestructive testing. As a prominent individual among his or her peers, contributions may be in the area of research, applications technology, management, education, equipment development or other related areas.

Lester/Mehl Honor Subcommittee Members

Scott Cargill
Tsuchin Chu
B Boro Djordjevic
John Duke, Jr
Claudia Kropas-Hughes
Sharon Vukelich

Outstanding Papers Subcommittee

Many well-researched and insightful articles fill the pages of the Society’s Materials Evaluation and Research in Nondestructive Evaluation. But only a few are awarded the Society’s Outstanding Paper awards. The person or group that is chosen for the awards has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of nondestructive testing.

Outstanding Papers Subcommittee Members

Shant Kenderian - Chair
L Terry Clausing
Glenn Light
George Matzkanin
Paul Panetta
Emogene Springer

Tutorial Citation Subcommittee

This award is administered by the George L. Pherigo Tutorial Citation Award Committee. Both Society members and non-members may qualify by presenting their development, planning or conduction of educational or training courses through an academic institute (such as trade or vocational schools, colleges, universities) or other formalized and recognized education institutions.

Tutorial Citation Subcommittee Members

Kevin Smith - Chair
Michael Allgaier
Martin Anderson
Marwan Basrawi
Gary Georgeson
Ricky Morgan

Young NDT Professional Subcommittee

The Young NDT Professional Award identifies individuals whose initial career contributions exemplify high standards of excellence in the areas of professional achievement and meritorious service. The award is given to supervisors, educators, managers, researchers, consultants, developers and others who are ASNT members with five to ten years of involvement in the NDT/NDE industry.

Young NDT Professional Subcommittee Members

N David Campbell, Jr - Chair
Joshua Jones
John Kinsey
Glenn Light
Marybeth Miceli
Yi-Cheng Pan