Past Presidents Committee

The Past Presidents Committee serves in an advisory role to the Board of Directors.

In addition to providing advice to the Board, the Past Presidents Committee nominates two of its members for ASNT’s Selection Committee.

Past Presidents Committee Members

Raymond Morasse - Chair
Jocelyn Langlois - Vice Chair
David Bajula
Stephen Black
H Bogart
Joseph Bush, Jr
L Terry Clausing
David Culbertson
Don Edwards
Roger Engelbart
Nat Faransso
Robert Feole
Robert Hardison
Charles Hellier, III
Victor Hernandez
William Kitson, Jr
Jocelyn Langlois
Joseph Mackin
David Mandina
Robert McClung
George Moran
Ricky Morgan
Vicki Panhuise
William Plumstead, Sr
Robert Potter
Hussein Sadek
Kevin Smith
Henry Stephens, Jr
John Stringer
Marvin Trimm
Michael Turnbow
Sotirios Vahaviolos
Joel Whitaker