Regional Directors Division

Coordinating Council and Society approved programs with section leadership, monitoring status of section activities, assisting section leaders in the execution of their duties as appropriate and representing section leaders in Council matters are the primary functions of the Regional Directors Division.

Regional Directors Division Members

David Mitchell, Sr - Chair
David Bajula
Marwan Basrawi
Joseph Clasen
Brenda Collins
Mark Dahn
Stephone Elam
Cindy Finley
Joaquin Gutierrez
George Hodges
Richard Hooper
John Kinsey
Doron Kishoni
Michael McGloin
John Moran
Lawrence Mullins, Sr
Mark Ormrod
Yi-Cheng Pan
Emery Roberts
Hussein Sadek
William Via, Jr
Jessica Ames - Ex-Officio
Heather Cowles - Ex-Officio
Debbie Segor - Ex-Officio
Patricia White - Ex-Officio