Technical & Education Council

The Technical and Education Council (T&E) is responsible for establishing and managing the technical, education and qualification activities of the Society and for formulating plans and programs designed to enhance the Society’s technical, education and qualification activities.  Through its divisions and Committees T&E is responsible for the planning, preparation and development of technical and educational programs sponsored by the Society. The Council develops, prepares and revises personnel training and qualification programs in order to meet the needs of NDT industry. Included in its oversight is Recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A, the NDT Handbook series, Materials Evaluation, The NDT Technician and most educational publications development activities.

Technical & Education Council Members

Danny Keck - Chair
B Boro Djordjevic - Vice Chair
B Boro Djordjevic - Division Chair
Morteza Jafari - Division Chair
Joseph Mackin - Division Chair
George Matzkanin - Division Chair
Martin Anderson - Committee Chair
Marwan Basrawi - Committee Chair
Richard Bossi - Committee Chair
Robert Cameron - Committee Chair
L Terry Clausing - Committee Chair
Roger Engelbart - Committee Chair
David Forsyth - Committee Chair
Lawrence Gill - Committee Chair
Trey Gordon - Committee Chair
Roger Gregory - Committee Chair
Mark Jackson - Committee Chair
Mark Johnson - Committee Chair
Doron Kishoni - Committee Chair
Claudia Kropas-Hughes - Committee Chair
Glenn Light - Committee Chair
Marybeth Miceli - Committee Chair
David Moore - Committee Chair
Ricky Morgan - Committee Chair
Kevin Ostergren - Committee Chair
Mark Pompe - Committee Chair
Guillermo Ramirez - Committee Chair
Michael Ruddy - Committee Chair
Henry Stephens, Jr - Committee Chair
Robert Woodward - Committee Chair

Technical & Education Council Divisions

Education Division
Engineering Division
Industry Interest Division
Methods Division
Publications Division

Technical & Education Council Standing Committees

Committee on Acoustic Emission from Reinforced Plastics
NDT/NDE Reliability Committee
Professional Program Committee
SNT-TC-1A Interpretation Panel