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This Positions Wanted list corresponds to the monthly listing printed in Materials Evaluation. This is a free service for ASNT members. To have your qualifications given in one or both of these lists, contact the Associate Editor of Materials Evaluation at (800) 222-2768 x245 or (614) 274-6003 X245 or e-mail hcowans@asnt.org.  Web listings will remain online for 90 days unless withdrawn by the submitter.

Employers may contact the Associate Editor at hcowans@asnt.org to reply to the Position Wanted postings in this Web site or those in the journal.  The Associate Editor will forward the employer's contact information to the member who placed the Position Wanted listing. It is the member who initiates further contact with the employer.

Material Engineer (MS.c) with ASNT RT, UT, MT, PT, VT Level II certification with 12 years of experience as QA/QC engineer in storage tank, pressure vessel, and oil pipeline projects is seeking a challenging position. Reply to Dept. 10-01-17

Ph.D. level radiological physicist interested in providing radiation safety consulting services to NDT professionals. Forty years of experience in regulatory, technical, and commercial aspects of radiation safety. Expertise includes such areas as radiation monitoring, personnel dosimetry, radiation safety training and course development, and radiation safety audits. Reply to Dept. 09-01-17

ASNT NDT Level III (RT, PT, MT) and AWS/CWI with forty years field experience in nuclear, oil and gas, aerospace, castings, structural steel. Positions have included but are not limited to: extensive radiographic interpretation, QA/QC, NDT, weld inspection, training, nuclear document review, procure review/writing, auditing. Experience includes fourteen years experience in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Egypt. Reply to Dept. 07-02-17

Physics Engineer having ASNT RT Level II certification with 3 years of international work experience as QA/QC engineer in an oil pipeline project and as documents controller on procedures in a power plants project is seeking a position as Radiographer. Reply to Dept. 07-01-17