Section News - February 2016

News items submitted by local sections for the month of February 2016


Phoenix, Arizona

The Arizona Section hosted its November meeting at Southwest Gas and provided a complimentary dinner to all 37 attendees. Clyde W. May, of Virtual Media Integration, spoke about the current and trending evolution of digital X-ray in modern industry. May’s presentation was well received, and there was a great question and answer session held regarding the primary differences between digital radiography and computed radiography.

The Arizona Section meeting in November included a presentation on digital X-ray.


Charlotte, North Carolina

The Charlotte Section hosted 24 members and guests at its Christmas holiday dinner and meeting. The meal and meeting location was Gianni’s Trattoria Authentic Italian Restaurant, in Concord, North Carolina. Sonaspection International, located in Concord, sponsored the meeting.

Section Chair Roy Duce welcomed everyone and held a brief business meeting to discuss upcoming events. One of the events will be technical training. “Introduction to Phased Array Ultrasonics” will be conducted by Jeff Milligan at Structural Integrity Associated located in Huntersville, North Carolina. The new Section website was also a topic of discussion. Guests enjoyed the fellowship and food, and exchanged gifts.

Charlotte Section members and guests enjoyed good conversation and a delicious meal at their annual Christmas party.


Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago Section met on 14 December, with 19 guests and members in attendance at the Golden Pheasant Restaurant in Elmhurst, Illinois. The guest speaker, Mike Giannini, of Magnaflux, presented “Resonance Testing.” The technique is typically used in high volume production situations and the test units are normally built in line with the manufacturing system and are highly automated. The initial sampling quantity for part characteristics is one of the more important steps in setting up and training the system to select nonconforming parts properly.

Regional Director Brenda Collins, of Magnaflux, was also present and gave a presentation on the state of ASNT Region 12. Attendance at the Section Leaders Conference 2016 was highly recommended for each section. Afterward, some items from ASNT were given away to the membership. The attendee with the longest membership was awarded an ASNT binder. John Korienek, of Calumet Testing was the longest standing member, since 1977.

Greater Houston

Houston, Texas

The Greater Houston Section’s December Monte Carlo themed Christmas party was held at South Shore Harbour Resort and Conference Center, with 115 members and guests. The Section appreciates the time and effort Bonnie Blanchard and Amy Hoyt put into hosting the event. In total, 61 toys were collected and donated to the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program.

Jerry Fulin hosted a training and strategy planning session for the Section board of directors at San Jacinto College on 12 December. Those in attendance included Jeff Wagner, Deal Moore, Tom Roberts, John Nyholt, Rick Arnette, Bonnie Blanchard, Hunter Thompson, and John Chen. Nyholt helped secure the meeting venue. After discussion and brainstorming, the team concluded the meeting by assigning members action items to complete before the next board meeting.

The Section appreciates the members that attended the Christmas party and wants to thank the meeting sponsors: IRIS Inspection Services, Inc.; Turbo Nondestructive Testing, Inc.; Team Industrial Services; 3E NDT, LLC; and Tech Service Products.

Greater Houston
The Greater Houston Section held a Christmas party in December.

Hampton Roads

Newport News, Virginia

On 10 November, the Hampton Roads Section met at the Mariners’ Museum, in Newport News, Virginia for a guided tour that was divided into two parts. The first part of the tour was an introduction to the events of the Battle of the Ironclads, life aboard the USS Monitor and its design aspects. The second half of the tour, in which the Section went behind the scenes, involved the wet tanks used in the presentation efforts and the nondestructive testing used in the process.

Hampton Roads
There were 15 members and guests in attendance at the Hampton Roads Section tour on 10 November.


Kuwait City, Kuwait

The Kuwait Section held its third technical presentation of the program year (July 2015 to June 2016) on 20 December at Kohinoor Restaurant, in Fahaheel, Kuwait, with 18 attendees. S.S. Murugan anchored the meeting, and Farukh Nasim introduced the speaker, Sangli Gunasekaran.

Gunasekaran presented “Corrosion Under Insulation.” His presentation outlined basic knowledge and the influencing factors of corrosion under insulation, as well as susceptible areas, hot/cold insulation components, prevention, inspection, and advanced techniques and applications for pressure vessels, piping, and the like used in oil and gas refineries. The technical presentation also included a practical explanation with 14 case studies. The presentation included practical figures and was very useful for nondestructive testing professionals wanting to gain more knowledge on the subject. The Section expressed its appreciation of the speaker’s continued contributions and Mohammed M. Rajput thanked Gunasekaran for delivering a comprehensive and interactive presentation.

There were approximately 37 exams conducted during the ASNT NDT Level III exams held in Kuwait on 17–18 December.

Kuwait Section meeting attendees listened to a technical presentation on 20 December.

Miami Valley

Cincinnati, Ohio

The Miami Valley Section met on 3 December at Trinity Gastro Pub in West Chester, Ohio for a holiday celebration. Thirteen people came out to celebrate and have a fun time, including Jerry Nelson, winner of the ugly sweater contest.

Miami Valley
erry Nelson (left) won the Miami Valley Section’s ugly sweater contest.

Mohawk Hudson

Schenectady, New York

The Mohawk Hudson Section dinner meeting took place on 15 December at Van Dyck Restaurant & Lounge in Schenectady, New York, with 11 members and 4 guests in attendance. The meeting featured a presentation on “Snow and Ice Management,” by Roderic Sechrist, of the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT). Snow and ice control is an important responsibility of transportation agencies all across the country, especially in the Northeastern United States. This task is essential in maintaining public safety, as well as the mobility and reliability of the transportation system. This presentation provided an overview of NYSDOT’s preparation and execution of the snow and ice control program including the equipment and materials used.

Sechrist is the assistant commissioner of the Operations and Asset Management Division, NYSDOT. He is responsible for the NYSDOT’s operations program including transportation maintenance, traffic safety and mobility, modal safety and security, fleet administration, and support. In this role, he has executive oversight of the snow and ice control program. He has been with NYSDOT for more than 31 years and is a registered Professional Engineer in New York State.

Mohawk Hudson
The Mohawk Hudson Section dinner meeting on 15 December featured a presentation on “Snow and Ice Management.”

North Carolina Student Section

Charlotte, North Carolina

On 19 November, the North Carolina Student Section held a dual-purpose meeting at the Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) open lab area in Charlotte, North Carolina. Eighteen people enjoyed a pizza lunch while guest speaker and CPCC graduate Kendall Brumby, a Level II technician for Ametek, Inc., related his experiences in the working world of nondestructive testing. The students were grateful to get his insights and ask questions of someone who used to sit in the very chairs they were sitting in.

After the speaker concluded, outgoing Section Chair James Bardyn held elections for the new Section officers. The election resulted in the following new officers: Chair Alex Walbert, Vice Chair Phil Robinson, Treasurer Asia Johnson, and Secretary James Egan. The outgoing officers were given a warm round of applause for a job well done running the Section and getting 10 students to the ASNT Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

North Carolina Student
North Carolina Student Section Officers (from left): incoming Treasurer Asia Johnson, outgoing Vice Chair Brandon Moore, outgoing Treasurer Clara Herran, outgoing Chair James Bardyn, incoming Secretary James Egan, incoming Vice Chair Phil Robinson, and incoming Chair Alex Walbert.

Old Dominion

Richmond, Virginia

On 23 November, 16 members and guests of the Old Dominion Section met at the Italian Kitchen in Mechanicsville, Virginia for a technical meeting. The guest speaker, John McManus, with Randolph-Macon College, gave a presentation on “Cyber Security Research at Randolph-Macon College,” with a specific emphasis on drone security. The Section also covered the recent successful class given to the Virginia Department of Transportation on liquid penetrant testing and magnetic particle testing and talked about the Christmas social. At the end of the night, McManus was awarded a Jefferson Cup, and he and his assistant, graduate student P.J. Costello, each also received an ASNT – Old Dominion Section Challenge Coin.

On 5 December, 24 members and guests of the Section gathered for a Christmas social, sponsored by the Section. They met at the West End Assembly of God to see its annual production of Glorious Christmas Nights. Later, attendees adjourned to the Grapevine restaurant for dinner, socializing, and networking.

Old Dominion
Old Dominion Section Chair Doug McAvoy, Jr. (standing, left) bestowed a Jefferson Cup to speaker John McManus during the 23 November meeting.

Pacific Northwest

Seattle, Washington

On 9 November, 22 members of the Pacific Northwest Section gathered at the DoubleTree Hilton Suites at Southcenter, in Tukwila, Washington. The featured speaker for the evening was David O. Hall, an ASNT director at large and nondestructive testing consultant at ETM, Inc. Hall’s presentation, “ASNT Strategic Plan – A Global Vision,” was listened to intently by all present. The theme was for members to become involved and volunteer for committees and/or become a director/officer to help fulfill this vision. Dinner preceded Hall’s presentation. There were several questions from each of the five Clover Park Technical College students who joined the group and one potential new member.

Pacific Northwest
David O. Hall (left) received a certificate of appreciation and ASNT pen and pencil set from Pacific Northwest Section Secretary Emery E. Roberts.

San Diego

San Diego, California

On 1 December, the San Diego Section hosted its third technical meeting of the 2015–2016 year, at the Best Western Seven Seas hotel, in San Diego, California, with 29 members and guests in attendance.

The speaker for the meeting was William Mooz, who spoke on “Running the Rapids on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.” The presentation covered Mooz’s life since he first became enchanted by the Grand Canyon more than 50 years ago. Mooz is a lifetime member of the Grand Canyon River Guides and has made more than 50 trips down the river. He has been an invited speaker at the annual guide training seminar to explain river hydrodynamics and relate his early exploits of running the river on air mattresses. Mooz’s talk served as a primer on what a novice might expect on such a river trip. The river is mostly 1.2 to 1.8 m (4 to 6 ft) deep, with the deepest spots approximately 24.4 m (80 ft) deep. The water temperature is approximately 7 to 13 °C (45 to 55 °F) when the summer air temperature is approximately 38 °C (100 °F).

The presentation was well received by all in attendance. Section Chair John Morris presented Mooz with a certificate of appreciation and gift on behalf of the Section for the outstanding presentation.

Recognition was given to the Radiography Level I students in attendance who completed the course and were presented with their certificates. The students were Daniel Bautista, Carlos MacPherson, Ivan Guajardo, William Harris, John Morris, and Erik Roed, and the instructor was Larry Olsen. A certificate of appreciation was presented to Juan Diaz for the use of the Testing Services & Inspection facility for the Level I training.

To close the meeting, Section Chair Morris acknowledged the sponsors in attendance and the guest entertainment for the evening. The meeting concluded with raffles.

San Diego
San Diego Section Chair John Morris (left) presented guest speaker William Mooz with a certificate of appreciation.

Saudi Arabian

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian Section held its sixth technical dinner meeting for the fiscal year 2015–2016 on 14 December at the Carlton al Moaibed Hotel in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. The Section-sponsored meeting was attended by 63 members and guests.

Section Vice Chair Abdullah M. Al Khalifah began the meeting with a welcome and announcements, including a reminder about the Level III exams to be held 15–16 July.

After the announcements, Al Khalifah invited Section Chair Fathi Al-Qadeeb to start the “NDT Quiz Night.” Before the quiz, Al-Qadeeb took time to recognize Muhammad Jamil Anjum and Muhammad Akbar Khan, who were honored at the ASNT Annual Conference as diamond recruiters in ASNT’s “Forging Links” membership campaign. Other members who were recognized as recruiters included: Al-Qadeeb, Azhar Abbas, Mohammed Abu Four, Gufran Ahmad, Abdul Basit, Kiran Kumar A. Dubey, Tahir Mahmood, Achuthan Rajiv Gandhi, Gopalakrishnan Sanjeevi, and Vijay Vesvikar.

After the distribution of awards, attendees enjoyed a dinner specially prepared by the hotel.

Southern Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

The Southern Africa Section had a very well attended meeting on 24 November at the School of Applied Non-Destructive Examination in Boksburg, South Africa. Gordon McGarrie gave an interesting presentation, titled “Ultrasonic Characterization of Flaw Indications in Accordance with the Latest ISO Standards.” Everyone enjoyed pizza and drinks before the informative session began.

The Section held its last meeting of the year at Lemongrass Restaurant in Benoni on 2 December. Members and their partners were treated to traditional Indonesian/Cape Malay cuisine. The restaurant is famous for its rijsttafel, which consists of an array of interesting dishes.

Southern Africa
The Southern Africa Section held a technical presentation by Gordon McGarrie on 24 November.


Ankara, Turkey

The Turk Section held a meeting on 4 December. Binu Rajendran, of Zetec, Inc., gave a technical presentation on phased array and time of flight diffraction. There was also a practical application session organized for attendees.

The Turk Section hosted a technical presentation in December.

Section Highlight

The principle theory behind resonance testing was discussed and a number of examples were displayed during the December meeting of the Chicago Section.

Chicago Section Chair Chuck Johnson (left), of Karden Sales, expressed appreciation to Brenda Collins (center) and Mike Giannini, of Magnaflux.