Section News - May 2016

News items submitted by local sections for the month of May 2016


Lafayette, Louisiana

Members of the Acadiana Section assembled at the PHI, Inc. helicopter facility for a guided tour of the operation, conducted by Richard Bordelon. The tour group visited various operating areas of the PHI facility, including component rebuild sections, aircraft hangers, and the nondestructive testing lab area. The fluorescent penetrant line and the wet, horizontal magnetic particle test machine were discussed. GE representative Bruce Nuwash had also set out some additional test instruments for demonstration, particularly the new GE touch-screen electromagnetic testing instrument. Bordelon stated that PHI is a very successful helicopter service group, with almost 300 airships, 800 pilots, and 900 support personnel. Its operations include transporting offshore petroleum workers and medical evacuation services. To date, it operates in 17 U.S. states, Saudi Arabia, and Trinidad. Bordelon then showed a video that highlighted the history of PHI and current operations. One interesting innovation is the Helipass system, which is used to verify passenger identities and track their locations, both items of concern to offshore platform operators.


Anchorage, Alaska

There were seven attendees at the Alaska Section meeting on 10 March. The speaker was Sean Killeen, a technical sales representative for Olympus Scientific Solution of Americas. Killeen spoke on “Corrosion and Weld Inspection Solutions.” The presentation discussed the latest and upcoming equipment and tools used for corrosion and weld inspections. Some of the tools and equipment discussed were dual linear arrays, flexible phased array probes, dual matrix arrays for austenitic material, and A31 and A32 probes. Killeen also explained how to export C-scan data, conduct elbow corrosion inspection, and perform a compound scan.


Phoenix, Arizona

The Arizona Section welcomed Jeff Peebles, cofounder and COO at Material-Wave Laboratories, LLC, to the Rodehouse Restaurant on 18 February. Peebles gave a great demonstration of new technology that allows for faster and more accurate scans of composite aircraft wings and other materials. The technology uses radio frequency with a handheld (or automatic) scan device to emit/receive signals.

The Arizona Section gathered for a technical presentation in February

Capital of Texas

Austin, Texas

The Capital of Texas Section held a reorganization meeting on 29 March at Carrabba’s Italian Grill in Austin, Texas. Discussions included nomination and election of Section officers and directors, adoption of bylaws, and topics of interest for presentation at future meetings. There were a total of 12 nondestructive testing professionals present at the meeting.

Capital of Texas
apital of Texas Section reorganization meeting attendees (clockwise from left): Nancy Hause, Stan Kaminski, Joe Starkey, David Carter, Mike Liesenfelt, Mark Keiser, Brennan Dubuc, Marco Manconi, Scott Miller, and Arvin Ebrahimkhanlou. Not pictured: Mike Scioli and Alan Kowalik.


Charlotte, North Carolina

The Charlotte Section hosted 23 members and guests at its 21 March meeting at Structural Integrity Associates, Inc., in Huntersville, North Carolina. Appetizers were served, and Section Chair Roy Duce led the subsequent meeting. After the business meeting, Michael Lashley and Jeff Milligan presented “High-density Polyethylene (HDPE) Piping Inspection,” developed by Structural Integrity Associates.

HDPE pipe is joined using a thermal fusion process. The polyethylene material is melted at the joint surfaces, bringing the molten surfaces together under closely controlled pressures and holding the surfaces together until the joint has cooled. Lack of fusion is the most common discontinuity that occurs in these welds. Grease, sand, dust, dirt, and raindrops can contaminate the welds. Process problems such as cold joints and inadequate pressure can also cause fusion problems. Structural Integrity has developed advanced nondestructive testing solutions, including a volumetric examination for HDPE piping. Using state-of-the-art ultrasonic phased array technology, it can ensure the soundness of the HDPE joint or component walls up to 17.8 cm (7 in.) thick. Structural Integrity designed a custom automated chain scanner that can accurately test both straight and mitered butt-fusion joints.

Special thanks to Trevor Moore, with Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas, for sponsoring the meeting.

Jeff Milligan (left) and Michael Lashley, of Structural Integrity Associates, presented at the Charlotte Section’s March meeting.


Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago Section presented at the 32nd Annual Engineers Week Expo, “Engineering New Horizons,” on 27 February. The expo is geared toward children in kindergarten through eighth grade; however, all ages attended. All types of scientific disciplines, areas of study, and professions were represented. Displays and presentations included a cryogenics show, wooden tower destruction, drone demonstration, and Lego robotics display, among others.

The Section displayed, demonstrated, and provided hands-on opportunities in the magnetic particle (visual and fluorescent), electromagnetic, visual (using borescopes), and ultrasonic methods. The Section shared its “magnetic boards,” which incorporate embedded magnets to illustrate how the metal powder is attracted and assists in visualizing discontinuities. The kids loved playing with the powder. An insight into the nondestructive testing profession was shared with as many as 200 to 250 children.


Cleveland, Ohio

Dan Hysell gave a very informative presentation to the Cleveland Section in February on the various nondestructive testing methods employed at U.S. Steel Tubular Products for the high-speed inspection of tubular products used by the petroleum and gas industries. These methods include magnetic particle, magnetic flux leakage, ultrasonic testing, and several radiographic techniques. The meeting at J Bella Restaurant was well attended, with 31 members and guests.

Connecticut Yankee

Groton, Connecticut

Forty-seven members and guests attended the Connecticut Yankee Section’s annual joint meeting with the American Society for Quality Thames Valley Section, Society of Women Engineers New England Shoreline Section, and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers New London Section, at the Groton Elks Lodge in Groton, Connecticut, on 16 March. In attendance were members from each of the sections as well as ASNT President Kevin Smith; new ASNT members and faculty from Norwich, Connecticut’s Three Rivers College; members from the Boston Section, Narragansett Bay Section, and Connecticut Valley Section; and guests. The guest speaker for the evening was Joseph W. Madaus, professor of special education in the Department of Educational Psychology in the Neag School of Education and director of the University Program for College Students with Learning Disabilities at the University of Connecticut. Madaus specializes in the transition of young adults with disabilities into college. His talk centered on the research he has completed of these college programs for students with disabilities and their transition into the workforce. Madaus presented slides of building entrances and of structures that were built for those with disabilities and pointed out ones that did not meet this goal. Madaus was awarded a Deck Pyramid in appreciation of this presentation.

Connecticut Yankee
From left: Connecticut Yankee Section Chair John Moran; Section Treasurer Mike Tsao; Bob Feole, of the Narragansett Bay Section; ASNT President Kevin Smith; University of Connecticut Professor Joseph Madaus; Section member Randy Plis; Beth Peterson, of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE); Past Section Chair Pat Shank; Denise Schmidt, of SWE; Mike Severino, of the American Society for Quality; and Three Rivers College Professor Jim Sherrard.


Cologne, Germany

The German Section met in early February with 17 members in attendance. Ralf Holstein gave a summary report of the ASME Nondestructive Examination and Quality Control Personnel Certification Program.

The German Section met in February.

Golden Gate

San Francisco, California

On 12 March, nearly 20 vendors and more than 50 nondestructive testing (NDT) professionals gathered for the Golden Gate Section vendors’ night. The event was rich with experience and was a great meeting of well versed minds in NDT. After setup, there was networking and time for the vendors to explore the booths. Afterwards, dinner was served. Nearing the end of dinner, there was a short program where members and vendors were given an update from the Section. The update highlighted all that the Section is doing to advance the mission of the organization, encouraging members to become more active in the organization and serve as officers as the 2014–2016 term comes to a close. The event closed with a raffle, where various prizes donated by the vendors were raffled off. This was the Section’s last Vendors’ Night at Francesco’s restaurant, which closed at the end of March.

The Section thanks Shawn Jefferds, of Mistras, for sponsoring the bartender, as well as the many other vendors who graciously provided raffle prizes.

Golden Gate
On 12 March, nearly 20 vendors and more than 50 nondestructive testing (NDT) professionals gathered for the Golden Gate Section vendors’ night. The event was rich with experience and was a great meeting of well versed minds in NDT. After setup, there was networking and time for the vendors to explore the booths. Afterwards, dinner was served. Nearing the end of dinner, there was a short program where members and vendors were given an update from the Section. The update highlighted all that the Section is doing to advance the mission of the organization, encouraging members to become more active in the organization and serve as officers as the 2014–2016 term comes to a close. The event closed with a raffle, where various prizes donated by the vendors were raffled off. This was the Section’s last Vendors’ Night at Francesco’s restaurant, which closed at the end of March. The Section thanks Shawn Jefferds, of Mistras, for sponsoring the bartender, as well as the many other vendors who graciously provided raffle prizes.

Great Salt Lake

Salt Lake City, Utah

On 16 February, the Great Salt Lake Section met at the Joy Luck restaurant in Woods Cross, Utah. Twenty members were in attendance to listen to a presentation given by Dale Hibbert, supervisor at Amsted Rail/Griffin Wheel. The demise of the railroad industry is greatly exaggerated. In fact, the industry is thriving worldwide. From the beginning of the oil and whiting penetrant inspections to high-speed eddy current rail inspections, nondestructive testing (NDT) has always been a big part of the railroad industry. Hibbert gave an interesting presentation on the NDT work that is performed on train wheels manufactured in the Amsted Rail/Griffin wheel plant located in Kansas City, Kansas. Hibbert is responsible for the general support and NDT of the raw materials at the foundry to final machined wheel product.

The Section appreciates Hibbert for supporting and presenting to the group.

Greater Houston

Houston, Texas

The Greater Houston Section’s 9 March meeting was held at Brady’s Landing restaurant, with 34 members and guests.

Prior to the evening’s presentation there was an Executive Committee meeting, with nine committee members in attendance. The meeting was called to order by Tim Roach, and Special Committee issues were addressed along with the approval of the prior meeting minutes and the treasury report.

Announcements included a brief synopsis of upcoming events including vendors’ night. It was also noted that there were no more spots available for the annual golf outing at Timber Creek Golf club. The event was predicted to be the largest ever golf outing ever.

The March meeting consisted of an awards night. The Section makes its Jerry Fulin Technician of the Year Scholarship available to one person each year. The criteria are that only Level I and II working technicians may be nominated. A committee met previously to deliberate the aspects of each of the candidates based on a point system for each letter received supporting the technician. Each of the applicants this year had their meals paid for by the Section and the Section also agreed to pay for their ASNT membership dues for a year. The announced winner was Erick Walker, who will be receiving the $2500 scholarship to support his further nondestructive testing education.

The Section appreciates the time and effort spent by Roger Jordan as the committee chair for the Technician of the Year Award and wishes to thank the meeting sponsors: NDT Seals, Inc.; Ocean Corp.; Turbo Nondestructive Testing, Inc.; Team Industrial Services; and Magnaflux.

Greater Houston
From left: Erick Walker, of Oceaneering; Tyler Smith, of Oceaneering; Flavio Sosa, of Accu-Test Labs; and Roger Jordan, representing the Greater Houston Section.

Hampton Roads

Newport News, Virginia

On 8 March, the Hampton Roads Section held its monthly meeting a Buffet City restaurant in Portsmouth, Virginia, with 15 members and guests in attendance. Tommy Boyers, of MPM Products, Inc., presented on “Ultrasonic Phased Array.” The presentation was both enjoyable and educational. After the presentation, everyone had a chance to try the phased array equipment.

Hampton Roads
Members of the Hampton Roads Section met in March for a presentation on phased array.

Lewis & Clark

Portland, Oregon

On 8 March, 21 members and guests of the Lewis & Clark Section met at Flying Pie Pizzeria to listen to a presentation by Nils Hase, business development manager at Comet Technologies USA, Inc. Hase discussed the advances that have been made by X-ray tube manufacturers for tube longevity, safer exposure areas, and the ability to produce smaller focal spots through better cooling characteristics. These advances have hastened the advancement of digital radiography and have, in many cases, supported the replacement of gamma sources with portable X-ray tubes. Test Equipment Distributors, LLC and X-Ray Industries, Inc. generously hosted the dinner for all attendees.

Lewis and Clark
Lewis & Clark Section Co-chair Kristine Solarez (left) presented Nils Hase with an appreciation certificate and a book on the beauties of Oregon.

Miami Valley

Cincinnati, Ohio

The Miami Valley Section met on 2 March at Uno Pizzeria & Grill in West Chester, Ohio. Eleven people came out to hear about the “Internet of Things” from Garry Mathias and have a fun time.


Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Section held a reorganization meeting on 25 February at Siegi’s German restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The agenda for the meeting was to revive the dormant Section and to begin planning for the 2016–2017 year. Six members were in attendance. It was agreed that the interim officer positions would be in effect only until formal nominations and an election were held at the March and April meetings.

Pacific Northwest

Seattle, Washington

On 26 March, 38 members and guests attended a special meeting of the Pacific Northwest Section. Speakers Bruce Busby, radiation safety officer of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; Michael Zittle, radioactive materials compliance manager at the University of Washington; and Scott Cargill, radiation safety officer for Applus RTD were introduced by Section Secretary and Seminar Chair Emery E. Roberts. Section Chair Jeff Siegel opened the seminar with an introduction and purpose of the Section. ASNT membership applications were distributed, and people were encouraged to attend a future Section meeting. The seminar was held at the Mountaineers Center, in Seattle, Washington.

Busby delivered a great presentation of radiation basics, health effects of radiation exposure, risk management, and the ramifications of prior incidents. Zittle presented the “10 Commandments of Radiation Protection,” updated from the previous year’s presentation in his presentation of “Radiation Protection: Beyond Time, Distance, and Shielding.” Cargill talked about implementation of new Nuclear Regulatory Code (NRC) security requirements. The seminar was concluded by Steve Matthews, of the Washington State Department of Health Radiation Protection Division, with a presentation on how the state is implementing the new NRC requirements, which have been in effect on federal land for the past two years.

Pacific Northwest
Pacific Northwest Section Chair Jeff Siegel gave opening remarks pertaining to ASNT and the Section.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

In February, the Pittsburgh Section had a well-attended joint meeting with the American Welding Society (AWS). There were 40 in attendance from AWS and ASNT at the Dynasty International Buffet in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. The speaker was John Kurtz, from Oxford Instruments. Kurtz’s presentation was on “ Positive Material Identification.” He presented three technologies and showed comparisons, limitations, and advantages for the laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, optical emission spectroscopy, and X-ray fluorescence techniques. Kurtz had several portable instruments available and took time with a number of people afterwards to answer questions and discuss applications. The Section thanks Kurtz for his presentation and all who attended the event.

Presenter John Kurtz (left) presenter with Pittsburgh Section Chair John Markanich.

San Diego

San Diego, California

The San Diego Section hosted its sixth technical meeting of the 2015–2016 year on 1 March at the Best Western Seven Seas hotel, in San Diego, California, with 18 members and guests in attendance. The guest speaker was ASNT President Kevin Smith. Smith’s talk centered on ASNT’s Strategic Plan and its six goals. There was a great deal of interaction with the attendees on the subjects of military personnel and college students from nondestructive testing (NDT) programs entering the active work force. Suggestions included providing short courses and webinars, as well as defining current International Standardization Organization NDT programs.

To close the meeting, Section Chair John Morris acknowledged the Section sponsors in attendance. The evening ended with raffles.

San Diego
San Diego Section Chair John Morris (left) and ASNT President Kevin Smith.

Saudi Arabian

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian Section held its ninth technical meeting on 7 March at the Carlton al Moaibed Hotel in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. The Section-sponsored meeting was attended by 96 members and nonmembers, including guests from the Bahrain Society of Engineers.

Section Chair Fathi E. Al Qadeeb greeted everyone in attendance and elaborated on Section highlights, especially the Level III exam on 15–16 July (the deadline to apply ended in April).

Section Secretary Muhammad Jamil Anjum updated all in attendance on the Nomination Committee’s recommendations for the upcoming election for the Section board.

Director at Large Mohammed A. AbuFour gave a presentation on “Advanced NDT Techniques: Inspection and Challenges.”

Saudi Arabian
Director at Large Mohammed A. AbuFour delivered a presentation at the Saudi Arabian Section meeting on 7 March.


Shanghai, China

On 27 February, the Shanghai Section hosted its spring meeting. The meeting was held at No. 100, Huihe Rd., Shanghai, China, with 68 members and guests in attendance. The meeting began as Section Chair John Kinsey welcomed everyone and shared his nondestructive testing stories. Director Yongchang Xu welcomed all members in attendance and gave a brief speech of how the Section can be of benefit to ASNT members. Later on, Jun Wu presented “Yxlon New CT Technology.” Bin Liu presented “Development of ASNT NDT Level III Certification in China.” Bin’s presentation included his research into the number of holders of each Level III certification in China and their development. Finally, Niu Wang presented “Introduction of SNT-TC-1A.” Wang listed all the revisions of SNT-TC-1A and highlighted their differences. The meeting was a huge success in providing a bridge between Chinese members and the ASNT International Service Center.

There was a large turnout and enjoyment by all at the spring meeting of the Shanghai Section.

Southern Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

The Southern Africa Section had a memorable golf day on 3 March 2016 at Benoni Country Club. The day proved to be a great success, as 16 four-ball matches played—five more than last year. There were prizes for all players, as well as dinner and camaraderie. The Section golf day is becoming a popular annual event in the nondestructive testing industry.

Southern Africa
Shaun Meerholz (left) received a prize from Elaine Macdonald for the longest drive of the day during the Southern Africa Section’s event.


Ankara, Turkey

The Turk Section and Marwan Basrawi, ASNT regional director for Region 19, participated in the third annual Istanbul Nuclear Power Plants Summit held at the WOW İstanbul Convention Center on 8–9 March. The summit focused on the development of the nuclear industrial economy of Turkey and the Middle East. Members of the Section distributed ASNT information and networked with summit participants. The Section reported that it is developing beneficial relationships with potential ASNT corporate partners.

While in Turkey, Basrawi attended a Section meeting, with 12 members in attendance.

Turk Section Vice Chair Ilker Yelbay (left) and ASNT Region 19 Director Marwan Basrawi at the Istanbul Nuclear Power Plants Summit in March.

Section Highlight

The 32nd Annual Engineers Week Expo presented engineering and technology careers, including nondestructive testing, to school children.

Chicago Section attendees represented ASNT: (from left) Tim Sears, of Lyondell Bassell; Stu Kleven, of Alloyweld Inspection Co, Inc.; Sal Razi, of Moraine Valley Community College; Ron Mika, formerly of Electro-Motive Diesels; Jared Sawyer, of Circle Systems, Inc.; Chuck Johnson, of Karden Sales & Consulting; and Mike Kelley, of Olympus Scientific Solutions.