Welcome to the Saudi Arabian Section!

Saudi Arabian Sectiion (SAS) founded in 1999. First Chairman and the founder Mr. Marwan F. Basrawi brought this section updated in a very deligint manners. First batch of  SAS Officers and Board Members worked hard to grow this section with the help of NDT professional and SAS become a part of continued success of ASNT.

Saudi Arabian Section achieved continuously 8th time GOLDEN position of the President's Award Program of ASNT in 2015. SAS Officers & Board Members continue working hard to be recognized as the most active and distinguished section with the support and encouragement of the SAS-ASNT members.

Saudi Arabian Section start organizing the MENDT Conferences and last 7th MENDT Conference held at Bahrain in 2015 faciliating the local ASNT Level III examinations extending the NDT awareness to the local educational instituitions, provision of topics and expert speakers  and finally providing availability of ASNT Publications at cost.

Saudi Arabian Section Officers & Board Members continue to serve the local NDT Community to the best of their abilities and would like to hear the ideas from everyone to advance this section in the future.