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Nondestructive Testing Handbook, Fourth Edition: Volume 2, Leak Testing (LT)

Product 0141

This fourth edition volume offers updates and new technical content throughout. The chapter on physics has been extensively revised and includes new equations. Chapters on safety, pressure, and vacuum and bubble testing have been significantly updated. New sections on blower doors and designing for leak testing have been added. Chapters covering helium, mass spectrometry, thermography, halogens, acoustics, and hermetic seals have been expanded and updated. Citations to applicable standards have been updated throughout. There are more than 100 new color photographs, including some from ASNT members overseas. 798 pages.

* Available In: Hardcover

Personnel Training Publications: Electromagnetic Testing (ET) Classroom Training Book Second Edition


The Electromagnetic Testing Classroom Training Book covers Level I and Level II material and follows the body of knowledge outlined in CP-105 for electromagnetic testing (ET). The second edition includes the following updates: extra in-depth coverage on remote field testing and alternating current field measurement. In addition, chapters have been reorganized to facilitate more efficient instruction of topics. Figures, diagrams, and photographs have also been added to bring the material up to date. Information on magnetic flux leakage testing is more current and comprehensive. Finally, the Level I section has been expanded to include a detailed comparison of ET techniques.

* Available In: Softcover

ASNT Questions and Answers Book: Magnetic Particle (MT) Method Fourth Edition


This Questions & Answers Book on Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) is an excellent resource for preparing for testing situations. In this edition, the references now include the newest ASNT MT study guides and books, and each question was revised to meet ANSI/ASNT CP:105 (2016). This book features 230 Level I, II, and III review questions. 28 pages, ASNT 2018.

* Available In: Softcover

Electromagnetic Testing (ET) - Instructor Package Second Edition


Designed exclusively for teaching, the Electromagnetic Testing Instructor Package focuses on the fundamentals for Levels I and II. The multimedia package includes: Instructor Lecture Guide; quizzes with answer keys for each section; PowerPoint® lecture on USB Flash drive with more than 700 slides, which can be customized for classroom use; and Electromagnetic Testing Classroom Training Book. New material in this edition includes expanded information on remote field testing, alternating current field measurement, and magnetic flux leakage, along with new figures, diagrams, and photographs.

Electromagnetic Testing (ET) - Student Package Second Edition


Designed exclusively for teaching, the Electromagnetic Testing Student Package focuses on the fundamentals for Levels I and II. The package includes: Student Guide; quizzes for each section; and Electromagnetic Testing Classroom Training Book. New material in this edition includes expanded information on remote field testing, alternating current field measurement, and magnetic flux leakage, along with new figures, diagrams, and photographs.

* Available In: Softcover, Package

ASNT Standard for Qualification and Certification of Nondestructive Testing Personnel (ANSI/ASNT CP-106)


The ANSI/ASNT CP-106, Nondestructive Testing – Qualification and Certification of Personnel, document is a modified adoption of ISO 9712, Nondestructive testing – Qualification and certification of personnel, with modifications made in accordance with ISO/IEC Guide 21, Adoption of International Standards as regional or national standards. The document is formatted in the style of ISO 9712, and the rationale for each national modification is located in an outlined text box titled “national explanatory note” directly after the clause, figure, or table that was modified. Prepared by ASNT, this document was approved by the ASNT Standards Development Committee, a consensus body organized in accordance with the requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for Standards Developing Organizations. The purpose of developing this document was to provide the United States with an American National Standard that would incorporate the provisions of ISO 9712 while recognizing the current national preferences for certification on nondestructive testing personnel. The 2018 edition features content updates throughout, including three new appendices, on Structured credit system for Level III recertification, Grading practical examination, and Engineering of NDT.

* Available In: Softcover
* Editions: 2018

ASNT Level II Study Guide: Magnetic Particle Testing Method (MT), Third Edition


This Level II Study Guide presents fundamental information designed to assist the candidate preparing for a Level II MT examination. Building on the previous edition, many chapters have been expanded to better cover the body of knowledge in CP-105 (2016). New or expanded content covers welding indications, demagnetization principles, testing and evaluation of indications, particles, and equipment. Many color photographs have been added and figures redrawn. New chapter review questions have been added, and all questions follow the format of an ASNT exam.

* Available In: Softcover

Personnel Training Publications: Liquid Penetrant (PT), Programmed Instruction Series


A self-study resource for Level I and II candidates, Programmed Instruction Series: Liquid Penetrant Testing provides in-depth, up-to-date coverage of liquid penetrant testing (PT) theory, principles, and applications. Topics are sequenced based on the body of knowledge for PT found in ANSI/ASNT CP-105 (2016). Included are chapters on PT techniques, equipment, interpretation, personnel qualification, and discontinuities, along with full-color photographs of indications. Key features of the print volume include chapter previews and summaries, quiz questions with explanations of answers, and a multiple-choice self-test. The USB flash drive accompaniment contains a computer-assisted training program that offers easy-to-use navigation with interactive slides and review questions.

* Available In: Softcover