NDT Method References


Basic Metallurgy for Non-Destructive Testing, revised edition

Useful to those requiring an understanding of metallurgy. Contents: 11 articles first published in the British Journal for Non-Destructive Testing.

* Available In: Softcover

Product 2253

Fundamentals of Film Interpretation

Includes instruction workbook and two video tapes. Total time of tapes: 2 hours, 7 minutes. In this video/workbook training program, technicians are introduced to the basics of radiographic testing, image quality indicators, the effects of energy levels on radiographs, film density, scatter radiation and diffraction. Other topics discussed: film manufacturing process, film structure, problems with fogging and artifacts, and viewing room organization and tools. Sales of this item are final. No return is permitted.

* Available In: VideoTape

Product Number 234

Radiographic Film Interpretation of Weldments Training Program:Student Program

Developed by Rudarmel Enterprises, Inc. Contents: information and illustrations that will be usefull for reference at the job site.

* Available In: Hardcover

Product 0008

Radiographic Interpretation

A reproduction of Section Eight from ASNT’s Nondestructive Testing Handbook, third edition: Volume 4, Radiographic Testing. Contents: fundamentals; standards, codes and specifications; visual acuity; radiographic viewing conditions and equipment; densitometers; radiographic interpretation reporting; radiographic artifacts; discontinuity indications.

* Available In: Softcover


Choosing NDT: Applications, Costs, and Benefits of Nondestructive Testing in Your Quality Assurance Program, Second Edition

This is a valuable guide to QA/QC managers who are considering the use of NDT in their quality program. The book shows how NDT fits into the modern manufacturing environment and how it can increase product reliability.

* Available In: Softcover


Pressure Vessels: The ASME Code Simplified, eighth edition

This book provides a resource for understanding existing ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code requirements and contains information about and clarification of sections of the Code that have been updated recently. This book is a useful guide for designers and manufacturers of pressure vessels and provides guidelines for those who order materials and for those who inspect the final product. Contents: thickness requirement tables for internal pressure of cylindrical shells and torispherical and ellipsoidal heads and thickness charts for external pressure of cylindrical shells.

* Available In: Hardcover


Testing and Evaluation of Infrared Imaging Systems, Third Edition

A valuable reference for test engineers, system analysts, design engineers, specification writers, and program managers in the infrared field. Contents: IR imaging system operation, basic concepts in IR technology, general measuring techniques, focus and system resolution, system responsivity, system noise, contrast, modulation, and phase transfer functions, geometric transfer function, image quality interpretation. KEYWORDS: INFRARED; THERMAL.

* Available In: hardcover


Advanced Ultrasonic Flaw Sizing

This handbook provides guidelines and techniques for ultrasonic sizing of planar flaws which originate at the inside diameter (ID) or the outside diameter (OD) of the component. These sizing techniques are applicable to depth sizing of mechanical and thermal fatigue, stress corrosion cracking or other planar type flaws. Contents: wave physics for sizing methods, ID creeping wave method calibration, tip diffraction method calibration, bi-modal method calibration, refracted longitudinal wave method calibration and advanced ultrasonic flaw sizing procedure.

* Available In: Softcover

Product Number 240

Mathematic Formulas and References for Nondestructive Testing — Radiography, Fourth edition

This pocket-sized booklet is intended as a guide for RT personnel. Contents: 14 sections on subjects such as frequently used formulas, trigonometry, geometry, definitions, exposure factors, equivalence factors, penetrameter selection tables, and formula examples. (Also, 10 pages of detailed solutions are included.)

* Available In: Softcover

Product 2253

Radiographic Film Interpretation of Weldments Training Program:Instructor Program

Developed by Rudarmel Enterprises, Inc. Contents: a 160-page manual with 65 illustrations, 5 exams, lecture notes, and detailed information from the slides; 42 frame-mounted transparencies with storage boxes;and 196 slides (175 of radiographs) in three carousel trays. Sales of this item are final. No return is permitted. Non-stock item; please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.

* Available In: Hardcover