NDT Method References


Standard Reference Photographs for Liquid Penetrant Inspection: Adjunct to ASTM E 433

The scope of this standard indicates that these photographs were prepared to provide a way of “establishing types and characteristics of surface discontinuities detectable by the penetrant inspection methods.” Contents: two types and four classes of indications are shown and they may be used as references for acceptance standards, specifications, and drawings

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Magnetic Particle Inspection of Fixed Offshore Structures: Inspector/Diver Training

Not only is this book an excellent reference for those who perform underwater magnetic particle tests, it explains inspection techniques that can be performed in dry environments as well. An excellent source for information about weld fabrication and in-service weld inspection. Contents: basic concepts of MT inspection; discontinuities; field strength and distribution; application and removal of magnetic particles; test sensitivity verifications; field indicators; lift strength; discharge machine notches. Over 50 photographs (40 in color) of equipment and indications in an underwater environment.

* Available In: Softcover


Ultrasonic Waves in Solid Media

Ultrasonic wave techniques, used increasingly in areas ranging from nondestructive inspection of materials to medical diagnosis, evolved from basic physical principles of wave mechanics. This profusely illustrated text brings together basic physics and modern applications. Joseph Rose explains the physical principles of wave propagation and then relates them to ultrasonic wave mechanics and the more recent guided wave techniques used to inspect and evaluate aircraft, power plants, and pipelines in chemical processing plants. He stresses mechanics, mathematics, and modeling throughout the book, establishing the framework for practical applications. The text is complemented by 344 illustrations, laboratory experiments, and 272 exercises.

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Mathematic Formulas and References for Nondestructive Testing — Ultrasonics, Fourth edition

This pocket-sized booklet is intended as a guide for UT personnel. Contents: 10 sections on subjects such as frequently used formulas, trigonometry, geometry, circumferential scanning and formula examples. (Also, 9 pages of detailed solutions are included.)

* Available In: Softcover


Fundamentals of Film Interpretation (Student Workbook only)

Student workbook for video/workbook training program. Technicians are introduced to the basics of radiographic testing, image quality indicators, the effects of energy levels on radiographs, film density, scatter radiation and diffraction. Other topics discussed: film manufacturing process, film structure, problems with fogging and artifacts, and viewing room organization and tools.

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