PTP Series: Classroom Training Books

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Personnel Training Publications: Electromagnetic Testing (ET) Classroom Training Book Second Edition

The Electromagnetic Testing Classroom Training Book covers Level I and Level II material and follows the body of knowledge outlined in CP-105 for electromagnetic testing (ET). The second edition includes the following updates: extra in-depth coverage on remote field testing and alternating current field measurement. In addition, chapters have been reorganized to facilitate more efficient instruction of topics. Figures, diagrams, and photographs have also been added to bring the material up to date. Information on magnetic flux leakage testing is more current and comprehensive. Finally, the Level I section has been expanded to include a detailed comparison of ET techniques.

* Available In: Softcover


Personnel Training Publications: Visual Testing (VT), Classroom Training Book

This full-color book follows the sequence for visual testing in ANSI/ASNT CP-105 (2016). In general, chapters 1–7 pertain to Level I, while chapters 8–14 pertain to Level II. Contents includes: • Introduction to visual testing • Physics and fundamentals • Visual testing techniques • Basic and advanced equipment • Visual testing of welds • Visual testing of castings and wrought iron products • Procedures and evaluation • Elements of vision and lighting • Optics • Service-induced discontinuities • Code, standards, and specifications

* Available In: Soft Cover


Personnel Training Publications: Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Classroom Training Book

Contains new chapters on phased array, time of flight diffraction, and guided wave method. Follows the body of knowledge outlined in CP-105 (2011). Up-to-date information on ultrasonic principles, equipment, specialized techniques, and test applications. Also covers qualification and certification of personnel, ultrasonic displays, transducer operation and calibration, and reference standards.

* Available In: Softcover


Personnel Training Publications: Radiographic Testing (RT), Classroom Training Book Second Edition

Descriptions of technology and images of equipment used in the field today. Current information regarding regulations and specifications from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Agreement States. Descriptions of specialized radiographic applications and techniques. Qualification and certification details for Level I and Level II radiographic testing technicians. Second edition includes new chapters on radiographic interpretation of castings and welds with sample radiographs, and on digital radiography (DR), computed radiography (CR), and computed tomography (CT).

* Available In: Softcover


Personnel Training Publications: Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) Classroom Training Book, Second Edition

The Liquid Penetrant Testing Classroom Training Book covers Level I and Level II material and follows the body of knowledge outlined in CP-105 for liquid penetrant testing (PT). The second edition includes, but is not limited to, the following updates: new information on Type III dual-mode penetrant, light-emitting diode lamps, and recommendations for viewing shallow indications, as well as an expanded section on safety precautions. Figures and tables have also been added or updated to bring the material up to date.

* Available In: Softcover


Personnel Training Publications: Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) Classroom Training Book Second Edition

Contains up-to-date information on many aspects of magnetic particle testing. Organized to follow the body of knowledge outlined in CP-105 (2011) for Levels I and II. Content includes theories of magnetism, demagnetization techniques, equipment selection, discontinuities detectable with MT, ferromagnetic particles and application, and magnetization methods. Also contains chapters on types of electric current for MT, evaluation techniques, and quality control.

* Available In: Softcover


Personnel Training Publications: Complete Set of Personnel Training Publications

Set of six titles. This series is created from the tradition of excellence in NDT publications and evolved from original sources including the General Dynamics series and the NDT Handbooks. Discover why these materials should be key tools in your NDT training program. Each volume covers Level I and Level II material. PT, MT, UT, ET, RT, and VT.

* Available In: Softcover, Set