ACCP Level II Initial Qualification Requirements

Initial Qualification Requirements

Use the tables below to find the minimum training and experience required for ACCP Level II certification in each method. You will need to document the minimum levels of training and experience for each method with the application.


Method  MT  PT  RT  UT  VT 
Hours Required  40  40  120  120  24 

Training hours may include both practical and theory courses. Practical training may not make up more than 50% of the overall Level II training curriculum.


Method   MT  PT  RT  UT  VT 
Total Hours
 in Method
265  200   800  800  200 
Total Hours
in NDT
530 400 1600 1600 400

Total hours in method experience shall be based on the actual hours worked in the specific method. Total hours in method must be met for each method when applying for more than one method. While fulfilling total hours in NDT experience requirement, experience may be gained in more than one method.

Note: Industrial experience may be obtained either prior to or following successful completion of an ACCP examination. In the event that experience is sought following the examination, the examination results shall be valid for up to one year for MT, PT, and VT and two years for RT and UT.

Visual Acuity

Candidates must pass a visual acuity examination no earlier than 12 months before submitting the application. A Visual Acuity Report form is included with the application and must be signed by the person who administered the visual acuity exam.