ASNT NDT Level III Recertification

ASNT NDT Certificate holders are permitted to renew by points at five year intervals unless recertification by examination is required by another third party. ASNT defines renewal and recertification as follows:

Renewal by Points is done by submitting documentation indicating that certain requirements have been met and does not require examination. The ASNT NDT Level III program permits ASNT Level III certificate holders to renew by "Points" at 5-year intervals. The "points" system requires that certificate holders earn 25 points during their current 5-year certification period for NDT-related activities as described on page 5 of the ASNT NDT Program Renewal Requirements document. The same activity table, the points allowed, definitions and examples of appropriate documentation are also described on pages 5 - 7 of the ASNT NDT Level III Renewal application, and page 5 of the application has a column where certificate holders can keep track of their points as they are accumulated.

Renewal by Examination requires re-examination in each applicable test method. Personnel that cannot document 25 points during their current certification period may renew by retaking the initial method examination for each method in which certified but must do so before their current certificates expire. Personnel recertifying by examination need not retake the Basic examination as long as the applicant holds one currently valid ASNT NDT Level III certificate at the time of examination and passes that examination. Use the ASNT Level III Certification Application.

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