ASNT Elections: Directors at Large

Directors at Large serve on the ASNT Board of Directors and are entitled to vote on Board related issues and will also be counted for quorum purposes. The term for a Director at Large is three (3) years.  For the 2013 election, you may vote for up to two candidates.

 Candidates for Director at Large


Brenda Collins     

Nominee for director at large, Brenda Collins is currently employed by Magnaflux Corporation as a regional sales manager. She is an ASNT NDT Level III in MT and PT. Collins has served for many years on several ASNT committees, including terms as chair and vice chair of Section Operations Council, and she has previously served on ASNT’s Board of Directors. Collins was named an ASNT Fellow in 2011. She was the recipient of the Young NDT Professional award in 2001.


David Hall

Upon completion of graduate studies at the University of Washington, David Hall, nominee for director at large, joined the staff of the Nuclear Physics Lab at the University of Washington. He became a supervisor of cyclotron (22 MeV) and three-stage Van de Graaff operations (27 MeV). He was involved in the original studies to detect and track movement of calcium in astronauts after space travel. Hall was also involved with neutron radiography of cancer patients. Hall started his journey with nondestructive testing (NDT) after joining Rocket Research Corporation. He worked testing multi-nozzle rocket engines for the Viking Mars Lander – National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Additional testing areas included ion propulsion and satellite positioning rockets. His ASNT involvement began after joining General Electric Corporation in nuclear programs – NDT. He was a nuclear quality engineer and became the Level III and test technician in radiography and penetrants. Hall also developed NDT programs for a new aircraft jet engine blade and vane repair facility. TFI Corporation created a Western U.S. regional manager position for Hall for X-ray systems sales and marketing. He was a part of the team that developed the low-level radioactive waste barrel/box imaging capability. Hall was the founder of Pacific Spectrum Technologies Corporation, a consulting integrator for advanced radiographic real-time systems. He was involved in development of high-energy microfocus X-ray systems for NASA and the Air Force. Currently, Hall is vice president of global sales and marketing at L&W Research, Inc. He has been involved in the establishment of several brands, including RadioXcopic, E-Beams, Xscanner, PORTAC and INDUSTRIAC. Also, he has participated in the development of specialized electron beam applications. Hall’s ASNT involvement includes ASNT Pacific Northwest Section chair, vice chair, director and awards positions. He has presented papers at national ASNT conferences and the 2000 World NDT Conference in Rome, Italy.

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