ASNT Elections: Vice President

The responsibilities of the ASNT Vice President include:
  • Serves as Parliamentarian during all meetings of the Board and Operations Committee, and during all Business Meetings of the Society.
  • Performs such other duties as may be specified by the chairman of the referenced committees and the Chairperson of the Board.
  • Assumes the duties and responsibilities of the ASNT President in his absence.
  • Responsible to work with the Executive Director in achieving the goals of the Society and the programs approved by the Board of Directors.
The ASNT Vice President shall be an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee, Operations Committee, Strategic Planning Committee and Business and Finance Committee.

The term for the ASNT Vice President is one year.

 Nominee for ASNT Vice President

L. Terry Clausing

A year ago, L. Terry Clausing was a candidate for ASNT secretary/treasurer. His biography expressed a desire to lead ASNT into nontraditional nondestructive testing (NDT) disciplines such as thermal and infrared testing. It is now a year later. The membership elected Clausing as the Society’s secretary/treasurer and he is the Board candidate this year for ASNT vice president. Clausing was charged with presenting a business case for ASNT to establish a memorandum of understanding with Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), the organization that administers the USEPA’s EnergyStar for new homes program. The ASNT Board of Directors reviewed the proposal at the ASNT 22nd Research Symposium and voted unanimously to establish the relationship with RESNET and to establish an ASNT NDT Level II certification for infrared thermography for building diagnostics. ASNT has taken a leadership position in elevating the role of NDT in everyday life and for the purpose of helping to achieve a greater level of energy efficiency. In regards to leadership, while ASNT is a technical society, Clausing believes that the Society’s greatest calling is to develop leaders in NDT and not merely subject matter experts in technical fields. One of the most common management mistakes is to take those who are technical masters in their field and promote them into management, where they have had little or no training in managing others or managing organizations. Clausing believes that leadership development is the most fundamental key to the future of the Society. The world is changing. ASNT must adapt, lead and work with international organizations such as the European Federation for Non-Destructive Testing, International Committee for Non-Destructive Testing, International Organization for Standardization and others. Clausing thinks strong leaders with the same characteristics talked about in regards to technicians are needed. He believes people who are knowledgeable, experienced and trained to build NDT teams that work together are necessary. Clausing’s long-range goal for ASNT is to have the Society leverage its technical expertise to develop the greatest leaders for NDT throughout our world. Clausing asks for the membership’s vote and looks forward to serving as ASNT’s next vice president.

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