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Award Information


The purpose of the ASNT Fellow Award is to acknowledge and honor persons of outstanding service in the field of nondestructive testing.  Recipients shall have a history in the fields of research and development, application, teaching and/or management.


The nominee shall have demonstrated support for the Society through contributions and participation at the local and/or national level.  Nominees shall have at least 15 years of professional NDT-related experience, and have been members of ASNT for not fewer than 10 years. 

In addition, membership shall not have been interrupted more than two (2) times with at total interruption time not to exceed two (2) years.  All of the mentioned time qualifications shall be met as of the nomination due date.

Method of Selection

The Fellow Award Committee selects up to fifteen awards each year, provided all nominees have met the established guidelines.
  • Evaluation Criteria: An applicant for the Fellow shall have a minimum of 30 points as determined by the Fellow Evaluation Checklist.  The Fellow Evaluation Checklist establishes two (2) major categories for consideration:  Significant Contribution to the Society and Significant Accomplishment in the Field of Nondestructive Testing (NDT).

  • To remain eligible, the nominee has to obtain no fewer than 10 points in either of the categories providing the overall total points achieved is equal to or greater than the minimum requirement of 30 points. 
CLICK HERE to download Fellow Evaluation Checklist.

Form of Award

Citation – Pin & Certificate in Walnut Frame

Materials Submitted

• Nomination Form (CLICK HERE to Download)

• A resume of the candidate’s activities and reputation supporting the nomination

• A letter seconding the recommendation from a colleague who is also familiar with the nominee’s activities/reputation warranting the award.

Award Timeline

• Announcements are made in the November issue of Materials Evaluation.

• Nomination deadline:  1 February (All nominations must be submitted electronically online. CLICK HERE to submit online)

• The Fellow Award Committee will provide its recommendation to the ASNT Board of Directors during ASNT’s Research Symposium.

• Recipients will be notified following the Research Symposium.

• Awards will be presented at ASNT’s Annual Conference.


Nominations shall be made by the candidate’s local Section Chairman, by any member of the ASNT Board of Directors, or by any ASNT Fellow.  All nominators must be ASNT Members.  All nominations shall be in the form of petitions, with required supporting documentation, and in such form as may be required by the ASNT Board of Directors.  It is encouraged to have forms signed by the sponsor.

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Current Award Recipient(s)

  • Shant Kenderian
    Shant Kenderian
  • Tribikram Kundu
    Tribikram Kundu
  • Mark Lozev
    Mark Lozev
  • Patrick Shank
    Patrick Shank
  • Scott Zimmer
    Scott Zimmer

Past Award Recipients

Download: Past Fellow Award Recipients

HQ Contact

For additional award information, please contact:

Michelle Thomas
Awards Administration
ASNT, Inc.
1711 Arlingate Lane
PO Box 28518
Columbus, OH 43228
Phone: 614-274-6003 Ext. 223
Fax: 614-274-6899
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