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You can reach any member of the ASNT Headquarters Staff by calling (800) 222-2768 or (614) 274-6003 and using the phone extensions listed below. If you're calling after our regular office hours of 8:30 to 5:00 (EST), the phone extension will help you leave a voice mail message. You can reach us by fax at (614) 274-6899.

American Society for Nondestructive Testing
PO Box 28518
1711 Arlingate Lane
Columbus, OH 43228-0518

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Name Title Ext.
Thomas, Michelle
Executive Director's Administrative Assistant 223


Member Services

Blazar, Betsy Senior Manager, Marketing and Membership 211
Cowles, Heather Membership Supervisor 216
White, Pat Membership Coordinator 217
Leonard, Margaret Membership Dues and Materials Evaluation Subscriptions 229



Monta, Matt Communications Manager 239


Book Sales

Coakley, Trina Book Department Supervisor 220
Simpson, Sandy Customer Service Representative 215
Donaldson, Kimberly Customer Service Representative 214


Conferences and Educational (Refresher) Courses

LeMasters, Alicia Coordinator, Speaker Contact and Refresher Courses 213
Staat, Ruth Exhibit Sales 227
Guzzo, Angie Conference Registration 228


Publications Development

Jones, Tim Senior Manager, Publications 204
Moes, Nat Materials Evaluation Editor 207
Kervina, Toni Materials Evaluation Assistant Editor and Marketplace Editor 205
Grimm, Joy Desktop Publications Assistant 233
Humphries, Hollis The NDT Technician Editor 206
Leonard, Margaret Membership Dues and Materials Evaluation Subscriptions 229
Liming, Garra Periodical/Website Advertising Sales 209
Moore, Patrick NDT Handbook Editor 224
Leeman, Cindi Educational Materials Supervisor 225
Conklin, Bob Educational Materials Editor 235


Technical Services

Houf, Jim Senior Manager,Technical Services 212


Certification Services

Boggs, Mike Senior Manager, Certification Services 218
Longo, Charles Certification Supervisor 241
Law, Lisa ASNT NDT Level III Program (Domestic) 226
Davis, Tricia ASNT NDT Level III Program (International) 219
Harris, Jennifer IRRSP and ACCP Program 237
McGhee, Roberta Jo Examination Database Management 238


Web and Information Systems

Sentelle, David Information Systems Manager 230
Schaefer, Stephen Web Manager 245
Guzzo, Angie Accounting Assistant 228


Sales and Media Contact

Blazar, Betsy Media Contact 211
Staat, Ruth Exhibit Sales 227
Liming, Garra Periodical/Website Advertising Sales 209


Finance and Accounting

Potter, Mary Senior Manager, Accounting and Finance 203
Lindsey, Michelle Head Accountant 222
Sullivan-Golubich, Jennifer Receptionist 200
Stevenson, Teresa Cash Coordinator 221


ASNT Awards

Thomas, Michelle
Awards Administration 223