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What is NDT?

Simply put, nondestructive testing (NDT) is inspection. NDT is used to find cracks, defects, corrosion and other potential damage in structures such as buildings and bridges; vehicles from airplanes and rockets to cars and trucks; and also mechanical parts like gears and castings. Unlike other forms of inspection, however, NDT does not harm the item being inspected. 

You may not have known it, but NDT impacts your life every day!

How is NDT done?

NDT is done by "techniques" within larger "methods." Some of the methods may be familiar to you. NDT includes the use of ultrasounds, infrared/thermal, x-rays, and even visual inspection, among many others. Some methods and techniques require the use of cutting-edge, high powered equipment. You can learn more about the methods and their scientific explanations in the link below.

Can NDT be a career?

Yes! There is a high demand for qualified NDT technicians, which means there are also opportunities for high salaries. Because NDT is performed worldwide, NDT technicians and professionals have the chance to travel to interesting and exciting places.

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