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ASNT Virtual Section

Global Connections. No Boundaries.​

ASNT Virtual Section

Get the ASNT section experience from anywhere.

Virtual meetings take place online and offer opportunities to engage with other members.

The ASNT Virtual Section will expand ASNT's global reach by bringing educational programming and networking opportunities to ASNT's highly dispersed members. The ASNT Virtual Section is being supported by an advisory panel of peers who is helping to identify and deliver interesting and relevant meeting topics.

Affiliate with the ASNT Virtual Section

If you are already an ASNT member, affiliate with the ASNT Virtual Section to begin receiving invitations to meetings and other activities. ​

ASNT Membership

Instantly grow your NDT network and opportunities to collaborate with others worldwide.

Upcoming Meetings

Quarterly section meetings will enable members to connect with peers and ask the live presenter questions.

Virtual Section Meeting Recordings

For more information about the ASNT Virtual Section, visit our Frequently Asked Questions or email