ASNT Election Information

Nominations for the 2018-2019 ASNT Board of Directors have been completed.

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As a member, you have the opportunity to vote for a number of candidates to serve on the ASNT Board of Directors for 2018-2019. The Board determines the direction of the organization, so your vote is an important one.

The responsibilities of the Board of Directors are to:
  • Assure that Society activities comply with applicable laws, regulations, Society charter, and ASNT Bylaws.
  • Establish the mission and strategic direction for the Society.
  • Set Board policies to achieve Society goals and Board of Directors responsibilities.
  • Delegate necessary authority and responsibility to councils, committees, sections and management to develop and implement Board decisions within the ASNT Bylaws, and financial capabilities.
  • Review and approve major governing and operating policies, procedures and rules of the Society.
  • Establish and/or approve organization, policy recommendations, and functions of councils, divisions, committees, section, groups and management.
  • Approve annual budgets and financial plans developed by the Executive Director and reviewed and recommended for approval by the Business and Finance Committee and Operations Committee.
  • Approve objectives and plans proposed by Strategic Planning Committee and approved by the Operations Committee.
  • Employ the Executive Director.
  • Authorize employment of legal counsel, auditors, and other outside consultants.
  • Establish policies and procedures for regulations of the Board of Directors and its proceedings.
Balloting and Voting

By 1 July 2018, all members for whom ASNT has an e-mail address will receive a balloting notification e-mail that will include voting instructions, a voter login identification and a link to the election web page. ASNT will also mail paper ballots to all voting members for whom it has no e-mail addresses and by request. The completed ballots must be received on or before 17 August 2018.


Additionally, petitions to be placed on the July ballot as a candidate for any officer or director position must be received by 1 June 2018. Petitions for chairperson of the Board, president and vice president must be signed by at least 5% of the Society’s voting members, including a minimum of 10 members from 10 different sections. Petitions for secretary/treasurer or director require the signatures of at least 2% of the voting ASNT members, including at least five members each from a minimum of 20 sections. 


Election results will be made public by 1 September 2018 on the ASNT website at and will be published in the October issue of Materials Evaluation.

Information on the Selection Committee’s solicitation of nominations for directors on the 2018-2019 ASNT Board of Directors can be found in the November 2017 issue of Materials Evaluation (page 1430).