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Materials Evaluation, November 2019

The November issue features two technical papers that focus on magnetic testing techniques: the first explores the metal magnetic memory technique (MMM), and the second looks at characterizing 3D defects in coiled tubing using weak magnetic fields. The feature paper presents a new process for the recycling of magnetic particle carrier used in MT.

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2019 ASNT Election Results

On Saturday, August 17th, membership ballots for the 2019-20 ASNT Board of Director Elections were tallied. More than 2,100 members voted.

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Annual 2019

ASNT Annual Conference 2019

The ASNT Annual Conference will provide a forum for the exchange of theoretical, scientific and application information. In this challenging economy you need to stay informed and up to date on the latest advances in NDT technology. Participating in this conference will expand your knowledge while increasing your visibility.

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