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Awards and Honors

Awards and honors granted by the Society serve not only as acknowledgement of not only work well done, but also as recognition of NDT practitioners as experts in their field. ASNT awards are granted after thorough consideration of nominations by peers of ranking committees who wish to tell the industry and the world of an individual’s merit and special, deserved place within the industry.

ASNT proudly offers an array of awards and honors, each with different eligibility requirements. Use the icon key below to quickly familiarize yourself with the program.

50 Year Member Recognition

The 50 Year Member Recognition formally recognizes individuals who have been members of the Society for 50 years or longer.

Advancement of Active Military and Veterans in NDT Recognition

This recognition encourages active military and/or veterans to enter and thrive in the field of NDT.

Advancement of Women in NDT Recognition

This recognition distinguishes individuals or organizations who encourage women to enter and thrive in the field of NDT.

Charles N. Sherlock Meritorious Service Award

The Charles N. Sherlock Meritorious Service Award provides recognition for an individual’s outstanding voluntary service to the Society, through a single or aggregate activities, though not necessarily in any single year.

Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship

The Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship is a cash award, currently $3,000 per award, that provides an incentive to undergraduate students enrolled in U.S. universities and colleges with recognized engineering programs to choose NDT/NDE as their field of specialization.

Faculty Grant

The Faculty Grant encourages faculty members of U.S. universities and colleges to revise their existing courses or develop new courses to teach NDT/NDE by providing a financial grant.

Fellow of ASNT

A Fellow of ASNT is an individual member of the Society who is of outstanding professional distinction and who has made continued significant contributions to the advancement of NDT/NDE.

ASNT Fellowship Award

The Fellowship provide financial support of high-quality research activities in science and technology at the graduate level (M.S. or Ph.D. candidates).

George C. Wheeler Excellence in Personnel Certification Recognition

This recognition acknowledges individuals who have made significant contributions to the development and advancement of ASNT’s programs for the qualification and certification of personnel for NDT.

George L. Pherigo Tutorial Citation

The George L. Pherigo Tutorial recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions and efforts in the area of NDT education and training.

Lester/Mehl Honor Lecture

The Lester/Mehl Honor Lecture recognizes outstanding contributors to the field of NDT by selecting an individual to speak on a subject with direct bearing on the use of NDT.

Lou DiValerio Technician of the Year Award

The Lou DiValerio Technician of the Year Award acknowledges those ASNT members who are deserving technicians, encouraging their continued participation in the Society.

Mentoring Award

The Mentoring Award recognizes individuals or organizations/groups in the Society who work to encourage others to reach goals and set examples to the rest of the membership of what they could be accomplishing as mentors.

New NDT Professional Recognition

The New NDT Professional Recognition is given to individuals whose initial career contributions exemplify high standards of excellence in the areas of professional achievement and meritorious service.

Outstanding Paper Award

The Outstanding Paper Award recognizes high degrees of effort toward technical, educational, or managerial achievement in NDT through the publication in Materials Evaluation and Research in Nondestructive Evaluation.

Philip D Johnson Honorary Member Award

This award is the highest lifetime ASNT honor bestowed upon a longtime member of the Society, who is appreciated at the national level – and perhaps internationally – for many years (20 minimum) of meritorious service in the technology of NDT.

Research Recognition for Innovation

This recognition acknowledges highly distinguished individual breakthroughs in research in the field of NDE/NDT within the past five years.

Research Recognition for Sustained Excellence

This recognition acknowledges outstanding sustained contributions in NDE/NDT research by a single individual.

Robert B. Oliver Scholarship

The Robert B. Oliver Scholarship provides an incentive to students currently enrolled in course work related to NDT in a program of study leading to an associate degree or post-secondary certificate at a U.S. university, college, technical school, or company whose primary workforce is education.

Robert C McMaster Gold Medal Award

The Robert C. McMaster Gold Medal Award recognizes individuals for outstanding contributions or significant advancement in any area of NDT and/or the Society.

Student Travel Grant

The Student Travel Grant Reimbursement serves to provide an incentive to full time students to attend the ASNT Spring Research Symposium by providing reimbursement for qualified travel expenses.

Ward Rummel Engineering Excellence Award

The Ward Rummel Engineering Excellence Award is to recognize outstanding sustained contributions in NDT engineering by a single individual.

William Via Bridge NDT Lifetime Service Recognition

The William Via Bridge NDT Lifetime Service Recognition acknowledges outstanding voluntary service to the bridge and highway NDT/NDE industry.

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